Friday, February 15, 2013

Next time coffee first

The alarm went off this morning and Ryan pushed snooze.

And then it went off again and he hit snooze again. I wrapped the covers tighter around me and said "Charlie was coughing a lot last night and he seemed really miserable yesterday afternoon. Let's keep him home today."

Ryan said "OK, sounds good" and then turned off the alarm.

Two seconds later a door creaked and the kid we presumed was too sick for school, thereby giving us an extra twenty minutes of sleep, came bouncing into the room, chipper as can be. No hint of a cough. Not even a sniffle.

"I dreamed that I was Peter Rabbit and I had a huge net and I CAUGHT Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor in the net!!" He chuckled to himself, then added "I had the COOLEST dreams last night" has he trotted off to the bathroom.

Ryan said "I think he's OK. Let's send him to school."

Doing the right thing sucks when it's cold and dark outside.

Especially when starting your morning routine ten minutes later than normal somehow throws the whole universe out of alignment. And makes you thirty minutes late for everything else (Not elementary school dropoff, though, made that with four minutes to spare). And you have to go there in a dirty pair of jeans and a sweatshirt because there is no time for a shower when you have to spend half an hour arguing with the two year old about whether we can open the fifth can of PlayDoh or not. And why you cannot eat your packed school lunch for breakfast. And why you have to take your jammies off (It is surprising how well a barely-verbal child can argue). And THEN you have to clean up the kitchen from last night's dinner (because everyone fell asleep watching a movie) before you can even reach the coffeemaker. And then you realize you have to leave in five minutes and no one is wearing shoes and the four year old is staring slackjawed at the TV in a pair of footie pajamas.

Not sure what the moral here is. Let your kid skip school over "the sniffles"? Clear a path to the coffeemaker before going to bed? Only eat take out?

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sarah said...

I remember doing that to myself when i was a teacher. I'd go to sleep starting to feel a cold coming on and think, "maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow if I still feel like this." In the morning I'd lie in bed for an extra 10 minutes trying to decide if I was sick enough to call in. Invariably, if I wasn't immobilized by fever, my work ethic got the better of me and I'd accomplished nothing but throwing my day into a 10-minute delay turmoil. sigh. But the idea of sleeping in is so enticing....