Monday, February 4, 2013

Just enough sleep deprivation to make this seem possible

S%$#'s hitting the fan with regards to my schedule this morning, friends.

Last night's cozy family Superbowl party turned into Vomitfest 2013 when Charlie's "my tummy feels funny" turned into something much much worse. Watched the Superbowl snuggled up on the couch with him, an episode of "Pingu" playing on my laptop for distraction. He finally fell asleep for a couple of hours only to be up and at it again around 10:45, about fifteen minutes after I'd gone to bed. I finally called Ryan home from work at 1:00 (cuh-razy project finishing up right now) when he had thrown up six times and I was worried we were headed to the emergency room. Ryan called the nurse and she said to wait it out overnight and though he was sick several more times, he is sleeping now and I think we are through the worst of it.

So he's home today. Wes and James are ALSO home today because of a random preschool holiday which I wasn't exactly expecting despite it being printed there in black and white on the school calendar which I keep close at hand beneath a pile of junk mail and kid art projects on the kitchen counter.

So everyone is home today! Yay long weekend! Yay, Charlie is feeling better!

Except I had kind of planned on having this morning to get the bulk of the planning done for a webinar I have to do on Wednesday on the effect of burning coal on the atmosphere for a group of environmental studies students in North Carolina (a history seminar about coal and Appalachia that a friend teaches). I've been looking forward to this for a while, but the timing (three kids home! Up all night! Ryan extremely swamped at work!) is going to be tough.

Bring on the coffee! Videos! Naps! XBox! Babysitters who are willing to expose themselves to Doom Virus 2013!

UPDATE: The horrible smell in the kitchen I thought was coming from the compost bowl was ACTUALLY COMING FROM OUR UGLY FLUORESCENT LIGHT! WHICH IS MELTING DOWN AND ACCORDING TO THE INTERNET, LEAKING BAD THINGS! Super duper. I predict a drive through in my future. Though, Ryan (a.k.a the facilities department) has removed the light and isolated it in the garage, so it is probably safe to use the kitchen again for things besides coffee and leftover King Cake.

UPDATE UPDATE: Ryan tried to leave for work and has a flat tire. I'm off to cover myself with sackcloth and ashes because apparently the end is near.


Sarah said...

NOOOOOO! Vomit is the absolute worst thing ever. 3 kids puked all over our school dance on Friday, so I feel like we are DOOOOOMED. And NPR says it's a different norovirus than the one we had last year. NOOOOOOO! I hope it is quick, neat, and contianed for you all. (and poor Ryan at work all night)

Brooke said...

This made me laugh out loud, but also feel your pain. Yikes. I hope the vomitfest is over...

Chiconky said...

Maybe he was just overexcited from the SuperBowl? At least that's what I tell myself when the first one gets it. Fingers crossed that it was just a fluke. Good luck on your webinar! It sounds very cool and I'm a teensy bit jealous :)

Candy said...

sending happy, healthy thoughts your way for a quick (ie: one boy only) recovery!! Hugs from us!