Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sort of like Wally and The Beav

Wes and Charlie have been begging to share a room since the summer when they shared a cozy little attic room on vacation. We were dubious about their claims to not make it an all night party, mostly because every night on vacation was an all night party, but also because the last time we tried to put them in the same room it was so horrible we decided to spend nearly a thousand dollars on a major home renovation to give Charlie his own room. But, I reasoned, the last time we tried it Wes was younger than James is now. Let's just say if James could have his own house to sleep in, that would probably be ideal. Two year olds should not share rooms. At least in my experience.

With some hesitation, we decided to go for it.

We have three kid bedrooms (post-construction). Two are larger and about the same size and the other one, Charlie's, is what a realtor would describe as "a cozy little nook perfect for an office!" And that is the one they wanted to use. In fact, I overheard them discussing how both beds wouldn't fit in there and deciding whose bed the were going to share. Cute, but, um, no.

So Ryan and I stood in the doorway of the room for twenty minutes mentally rearranging the furniture until we came up with something that just might work. We took all the bulky stuff out of the room and moved Charlie's desk to the other side by his bed and then VOILA, huge space for Wes's bed.

They walked in and surveyed the new arrangement and said excitedly "So if I get scared of thunder or a bad dream, I can just reach across like this and hold Charlie's hand!"

And because I didn't take a nice picture during the day when the beds were made and sunlight was spilling through the windows like a normal person, you get to see it in action. I call it "The Junior Stateroom".

(Note to self: Find Wes's missing bedknob before someone gets impaled)

(Wow, those fingerprints on the window are highly noticeable in the flash)

The other side of the room has Charlie's desk and baby cradle and the toy shelf and a nice patch of floor for playing. We switched Charlie's big dresser for James's two built-in closet dressers to make more room here.


They've been sharing for a week with only two crazy nights that required repeated intervention from us (and threats, there were some meaningless threats about screen time). The best part is that they actually spend time in there now instead of moping around downstairs complaining about how James gets into everything they try to do. The other best part is that we now have an entire room and closet back upstairs that we have so far been using to store random crap we can't put anywhere else. It's the American dream!

But I think Wes said it best when asked how he liked sharing a room with Charlie. He said "In my old room, there were no friends. I didn't like that." He went from sleeping with the door open and hallway light on and having scary dreams about bears, to lights off, no problem, and no bad dreams. And I gently warned Charlie that since they were sharing he had to do his part to keep the room neat and I haven't once had a problem with his hamster-like habit of spreading whole pads of PostIts all over the room (Look, it SNOWED!). So everyone is happier and the house feels huge.


Chiconky said...

Too cute that they totally schemed to move in together! I love that Eli and Syd share a room, and I'm honestly a little sad that I'll have to move Syd out into "the girls' room" in a few months.

Sarah said...

so cute! I love that H and J are such good roommates-- hope it continues to go smoothly for you guys.

Erica said...

Hmm, we're planning on putting the girls in the same room but I don't know when yet. Hubs wants sooner, I want later.

sarah said...

nice!!! so cute that they wanted to be roommates!

SnarkyMommy said...

You are brave. I couldn't let mine share, not in a million years.