Thursday, January 3, 2013

Phew! That's better!

Well!  It seems that all I had to do to straighten the kids out was to write that last temper tantrum of a blog post because the last several days have been positively delightful!  I am not complaining, though I wish I hadn't scheduled Thursday and Friday to be work days in the middle of all the CRAZY of earlier this week.

New Year's Day we had a spontaneous holiday brunch complete with homemade cinnamon rolls and sparkling apple juice.

Wes made scrambled eggs.


My parents came over, which made it a party.  And then my friend from high school, H, came over and brought ingredients for fancy breakfast cocktails for kids and adults.  Yummy! 


She stayed most of the morning and we had a lovely time talking about work (she's an oceanographer!  So cool!) and Les Mis and the crazy kids.  We all bundled up and went outside and let the kids walk Rossby all around the culdesac.  Everyone had fun.  Including Ross.  Yay for old friends.  And friends whose stories of travel and adventure are almost as good as being there.

Yesterday my sister and I loaded up the kiddies and took them out into the country to go on a 1/4 mile hike to a waterfall. 1/4 mile is really the perfect length hike for our crew, especially because it included lots of climbing up stairs and rocks. The view at the end was well worth it (a huge limestone grotto with a pool and waterfall and lots of nooks and crannies for kids to explore). We did not swim in the forty-seven degree water like the park ranger suggested, however. We made it back to the car with a minimal amount of fighting and most of the kids fell asleep shortly after we left. I call that a win.

hamilton pool hike

(Did I mention that it was 45 degrees? I'm really pushing the Texan boundaries of appropriate outdoor activity weather)

And last but not least, James learned a new trick with his chair. Remind me how hilarious I thought this was when we have to replace the chair in a few months.

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Candy said...

I watched it more than once! What a clever fellow! Replace the chair? what about the poor floor?