Monday, January 7, 2013

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye!

School started again today after two weeks of Total! Family! Togetherness!

I dragged myself from my cozy bed and tiptoed into Charlie's room in the darkness, sat on the edge of his bed, attempted to stifle the glee in my voice, and said softly, "Charlie, it's time to get up for school!"

Without even opening his eyes he responded with a loving "WHAT?" It took several minutes to coax him out of bed. Minutes we had only because Ryan and I made lunches and laid out clothes last night, AND EVEN FOUND SHOES AND SOCKS FOR EVERYONE, anticipating that this could be a challenging morning.

But it was...not that challenging after all. According to Wes "I can't wait to get to school where they will teach me things!" You know, things other than "Stop hitting him, stop punching him, you're hurting him, STOOOOP DOOOOOING THAAAAAT!"

We shared a breakfast of coffee (me) and hot chocolate with whipped cream (them), cereal, bananas, and toast.


There were unlimited shots of whipped cream, much to James's satisfaction.


When it was time to leave the twins hugged goodbye.


Shortly after that it was time to leave for preschool. James got his last screams in on the car ride there, Wes tried to kick him from all the way back in the third row. I clung to the steering wheel and repeated "Five more minutes" like a mantra. James was, shall we say, reluctant to walk into the building, but his teacher graciously pulled his screaming form from my arms and engaged him with toys. I felt about seventy pounds lighter as I walked back to the car, BECAUSE I WAS.

I stopped at Panera to celebrate and respond to two weeks worth of work emails and now I am in my house eating a frozen Target pizza and filling in my new planner ALL BY MYSELF. Glorious. This is my first day of school face.


Though I will cop to a teeny twinge of wistfulness when I walked into the kitchen to find all the lovey's sitting on the island looking at me. Come to think of it that's a little bit creepy.


Kyla said...

I lay out everyone's clothes and socks every night! We are not morning people.

Tomorrow the kids go back and I am dreading it. UGH. Suuuuch an early morning, I shall not survive it. I have another week off, but it barely counts when I have to get up a 4:30 every day anyway.

sarah said...

Yay!!!!! Hurray for school!!!

Sarah said...

Only Harry went today, but it still kicked total ass. No wistfulness. Although, he apparently left his lunchbox in his locker over break, so that's going to be horrible.

Alyssa said...

Woohoo!! You made it out alive! Enjoy :)

Candy said...

I just love Wes's attitude about his schooling-to-come. I only wish my friend K had that attitude, she is home schooled and "hates math" which makes it much more difficult to get her to complete her school tasks. How is it 8 year olds act like they know everything when they are only just beginning to comprehend the vast fount of knowledge out there??

Anne Palmer said...

A mother has to enjoy their children while they are young, yet have enough time to enjoy driving alone peacefully in the family car. Just a bit of alone time before car pool starts again would be great, right?

Alfredo Mack said...

My boys are always having their breakfast in our car before going to school. That is the reason why the car seat of our car has so many spills.

Rachel Stevens said...

My kids are also hard to wake up for school, that’s why whenever it’s time for school, I put some cabinets or baskets near our main door where they will just pick up their school stuff in there to save their time. Those baskets were very useful and helpful in organizing their stuff.

Louis Dodd said...

Rachel and I shares the same idea, l also put some mini cabinets near our main door where my kids can put their stuff in there. This technique really works and I’m still planning to put more cabinets to accommodate more of their stuff.