Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big! Boy! Bed!

You may remember when I told you how Wes taught James to climb out of his crib. Now, when I say "taught", I do mean taught. This is not something James learned by watching Wes do it a handful of times. They spent some time on it. There was coaching, practicing, technique.

Wes could offer a class on sneaky at the community center. This would be on the poster:

Wes Ice Cream

Now that James can get out of his crib, it no longer serves its purpose of safe place to stash the baby so I can talk on the phone sleep, but is instead a four foot tall accident waiting to happen.

So this weekend we bit the bullet and started him in his big bed. Some people make a big fuss about this and let their kid pick out special sheets so that they feel a part of the process. We took a more casual approach with James, disassembling and removing the crib while he was in another part of the house, washing the sheets that were already on the bed during its term as our "guest bed" (for only one guest at a time), then springing it on him when he was already so tired he could barely see straight, like "Hmm, I can't stop picking fights with my brothers, maybe I should lie down and take a--WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

I took one for the team and took a nap with him so he would feel more secure. Twice. I got two naps yesterday. Parenting wins.

By the time it was time for bed he was starting to get the idea, although by that time he had found his crib leaned up against a wall in another bedroom and pointed at it for several minutes of bedtime asking plaintively "Mine? Mine? Mine?" We laid him in bed and pulled up the covers and took lots of pictures of him lying there looking at us quizzically.

James Bed

And then we walked out and closed the door just like we always do. Except this time we stayed upstairs and listened to him yelling and attempting to turn the door handle over and over. Ryan and I each put him back in bed a couple of times and the next time I checked on him he was fast asleep, cozy tucked under the covers.

The same cannot be said for Charlie and Wes, who are now sharing Charlie's room (by their request). Last night was such a raucous party that they both fell asleep and started SNORING during church this morning. Super-classy.


Candy said...

hahaha! great news that the transition went so smoothly! I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your'd hear teeny fly-giggles all day long! at least they are learning to sleep sitting up, that will be valuble when they are grownups! Hugs to all!

Sarah said...

so cute! I swear to god Cooper is staying in his crib as long as he fits. I remember rushing the other 2 into their toddler beds at 20 months, and they never napped again. Harry I had to move because Jack was on the way, but I just moved Jack because I am dumb. Not this time bwahahahaha. (of course, climbing out totally negates this plan, hmmmmm...)

sarah said...

The crib sounds like such a magical place; my child refused to spend even one night of his life in the gorgeous crib we bought him. It was the most expensive laundry sorter I've ever had.

I love a super sneaky middle child.

SnarkyMommy said...

Tis the season for big beds! Maeve has been the best of the three so far. I have just jinxed it.

Kylie Reid said...

Seems like he really like sleeping over to his bed. I guess, it's just about picking out a bed he's happy and comfortable sleeping in.

Samy Dadswell said...

How cute! You know, every time I see my son holding a cup of ice cream, I'll be preparing my cleaners and gloves because I'm sure he'll mess up the furniture after that. No complaints here, though. I love having kids around!

Alisha Hewitt said...

Kids today always have new tactics when it comes to "escaping from bed". I don't know, perhaps it's inborn already. What we only need to do as parents is finding a sturdy and "unescapable" beds for them!

Phoebe Randall said...

Your baby seem comfortable in his crib, I just do wonder if how big this crib is. I am thinking of buying a big crib for my son, he can’t sleep with small cribs that’s why.