Friday, December 7, 2012

Third Baby Gets Stuck

Ryan came home late last night and the kids were total animals during the hour I was home from work trying to throw dinner together so that they could EAT, which is what needed to happen, but was taking forever because I was constantly interrupted by screaming and toy throwing and whining and kids wrapping themselves around my legs while I was trying to brown hamburger on the stove (so safe!!).  So after dinner when the whining still hadn't really worn off I turned on Charlie Brown Christmas and, when everyone was settled, went back into the kitchen to straighten up.

That's where I was when I heard a huge THUMP and then curiously muffled screaming.  It sounded like James.

Alarmed, I ran into the living room.  I could still hear the muffled screaming, but James was nowhere to be found.

And that's when I spotted his little stockinged feet sticking up from behind the ottoman.

Somehow he had fallen and gotten stuck upside down, wedged between the ottoman and the wall, his head suspended several inches above the ground.  Like this:

Stifling giggles at the sight of his sweet little, very pissed off, feet kicking and fighting to be freed, I ran to try and extricate him.  He screamed louder as I tried in vain to grab any part of him to pull him out.  This seems easy enough when you think about it, but an upside down child has no good handholds, especially when you are off balance to begin with because of the awkward way I had to lean over the ottoman, and the way he weighs almost as much as Wes.

I tried getting him around his waist, but that didn't work.  I thought about grabbing him by the shirt, but I was worried it would choke him.  Finally, motivated by the pitiful, muffled screaming, I jammed my legs into the tiny spot between the chair and ottoman, grabbed him by the ankles, and pulled with all my might.  The screaming got louder and more hysterical as he came out and I sat him on the chair to check him for injuries.

When he realized he was free and saw my face, lips pressed together firmly in a super-human effort not to laugh, he started laughing.

And then I started laughing.  And he laughed harder and pointed at the ottoman and babbled excitedly.

And then I laughed harder.  And then he laughed harder and rubbed the back of his head and exclaimed "Bonk bonk!!"  And then he looked serious for a moment.  So I kissed him and fussed over the "bonk bonk".  And then he started laughing again.  And hopefully he'll be a little more careful about climbing on the furniture now.  Probably not.


Chiconky said...

Hilarious! and the illustration makes it all the better :)

Sarah said...


I wish you lived here, so Cooper and James could go to Little Gym together-- everyone else in Cooper's class is an oldest child who is not allowed to fall down AT ALL, and the FTMs think I am a risk taker for sure.

Rima said...

Poor, poor James! I could picture it all so perfectly (even though your picture was totally awesome, as well)

Kyla said...

Haha! Love the illustration.

Nora said...

So funny. Amazing he could laugh about it!

Candy said...

perhaps he had discovered some uneaten french fries down there! So nice to hear he is developing a sense of humor about life...

Kelli said...

Been there...I smiled and nodded right along with your post!

sarah said...

Love the illustration! I wonder what he was going for when the ottoman tried to eat him up!