Sunday, December 9, 2012

They're getting yooge

Everyone is so stinking grown up around here I don't know what to do with myself.

Friday afternoon I gave Charlie some money and wrote down our usual order for him to read and he went into the pizza place, ordered the pizza, paid, and then carried the enormous pizza out to the car.

I waited outside and nonchalantly took pictures through the windows. He chatted with the guy making the pizza, who was smiling and laughing, so I assume he was being polite and appropriate.


It was pretty awesome. Later he told me he was relating to the pizza guy the story of the last time we had been there, when I left the pizza on top of the minivan and it flew off just after we turned onto the main road and got run over by a pickup truck. I never get tired of hearing that story. Thankfully it will never happen again because every time we buy a pizza now Charlie asks me forty-seven times if I remembered to put the pizza *INSIDE* the car, as opposed to on the roof rack.

And then this weekend the kids helped Ryan with some light yardwork.


Yes they were still in their jammies.


No, they were not helpful. Cute, but kind of underfoot and fighty with the rakes.

Not one to be left out, James has begun helping himself to items in the refrigerator. This is the scene I stumbled onto (literally) just minutes after I told James "Don't eat those grapes, baby, they're super-old." and closed the fridge, naively believing that that would be enough of a deterrent. Not for James, though. That kid has survival skills.


There were way more grapes on the floor, but Rossby got there before I could get my camera ready.

He washed the grapes down with a...hey, give that back!!


And then today while out for lunch with friends he fell asleep while eating some french fries, slept an hour in my arms, still clutching the french fries, then woke up and finished the fries like nothing had happened.


Sarah said...

woke up and ate the fries-- awesome!

am I the only person who had 10000 bottles of weird assorted condiments in my fridge door?

LL said...

Love the fries story (and the pizza ordering- that's awesome! Mostly because now you don't have to get the other kids out of the car and back in, but also because of the "go Charlie!" aspect). :)

Alyssa said...

That video is adorable, and so is the pizza buying story!

Erica said...

That's essentially what happens to me every time I eat french fries. And I'm with Sarah--where's all your harissa and ponzu and soy-free fish sauce and the pickled herring that didn't get eaten at your Scandanavian party?

Candy Prune Pit said...

What grown up laddies you have this xmas! I am sorry I am so far away, but we have internet/FB and your wonderful blog to keep me abreast of what is up in your city. LIKE!!

PS: once I left a gallon of milk on the car and it splatted, concienciously I retrieved the litter and went back to the gas station for more milk. She said, "gimme the lid, we break bottles all the time and they reimburse us for those "unsold" bottles, I'll just give you another gallon" Smiles from me, you betcha!

Kyla said...

I loved that video. So cute!

sarah said...

Hahaahahahah!! Love "yooge". That picture of James with the adult beverage is priceless! Looks like they are all ready for the frat house.