Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The De-evolution of Christmas Cards

8:00 pm - Kids in bed, holiday music playing softly, pens at the ready, cards stacked neatly by envelopes, eggnog poured and waiting.

First card:

"Dear Stacey, Mark, Madison, Will, and Amelia*,
 It was so lovely to see you this summer during our trip to New England.  How is your mother?  I certainly hope you and the kids have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Many fond regards,
 Ryan, Becca, Charlie, Wes, and James"

*names have been changed

Second card, 8:10 pm:

"Dear Dr. Swanson,
Has it really been five years since I finished school and moved here?  We think of you often and wish you and your family the best.  Tell Lisa hello from all of us.  Merry Christmas!
Best regards,
Ryan, Becca, Charlie, Wes, and James"

Tenth card, 8:45 pm:

"Dear Danny, Abby, Luke, William, Reid, and Molly (phew!)
Enjoy your first Christmas with that sweet baby!
Happy thoughts and best wishes!
Ryan, Becca, and family"

Twentieth card, 9:00 pm:

"Dear Mark, Judy, and family,
Happy Hanukkah!  Miss you!"
Ryan, Becca, and family"

Thirtieth card, 9:13 pm:

Merry Christmas!  All the best in 2013!
Best, The Academomia Family"

Fortieth card, 9:24 pm:

"Dear Aunt Kate Cate,
Merry Christmas!!
Love, Becca"

Forty-first card 9:30:

"Dear Tom,
Merry Christmas!!
--The Academomias

Fiftieth card 9:55:

":) Merry Xmas 2 U :)
LOL, Becca


Chiconky said...

Hilarious! (though even your worst card is more personalized than mine)

Candy Masters said...

50 cards! You are awesome, now stick them in the mailbox and go to beddie bye. Well done busy woman. Hugs from Candy

Sarah said...

I am totally with Corey.

Alyssa said...

LOL! Yup --- that was my Tuesday night.

lonek8 said...

all of mine are exactly the same, because I don't write a single message on any of them - too lazy! I figure people will be dazzled by our photo and not even notice the impersonality, lol

Kyla said...

You hand-write cards?! WHAT?

I'm impressed by that alone. We do mass photo cards and a Christmas letter about our year that is printed in bulk.

Rima said...

Ha! But still better than no cards at all, which is what I've been doing for the past two years. (It is very liberating, although I now have fewer friends :)

Erica said...

I'm glad I haven't started mine yet, now I'm going to work "LOL" into all of them.