Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The second Thanksgiving, where the Indians ate candy canes in accordance with English tradition

Yes, we had two Thanksgivings. The second one wasn't so much a Thanksgiving as a large, formal, family meal with my sister's family and my parents. You know I love to make a large formal meal.

The first reason it wasn't exactly a Thanksgiving meal is that they were out of Thanksgiving decor at the grocery store. I bought a fall-themed bread basket on clearance (that was all that remained) and two poinsettias and declared it a Thanksgiving-Christmas fusion meal.

Such a cute little photobomber.

Second reason it wasn't a second Thanksgiving meal is that I made a roast beef instead of turkey. I am no good at cooking turkey. But meat that is *supposed* to be undercooked in the middle? No problem.

I was highly excited about the roast.

I also made green bean casserole (from scratch, not that hard and so worth it), cinnamon-orange cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and some horseradish sauce to go with the roast (which is made from horseradish and whipping cream, oh yes I did).

Then people came over and we ate.

(There were also candy canes in the kids' napkin rings. I don't know how many they ate, but regrettably, there are none left)

And then we had pie. You've already seen that picture, but it bears repeating.

(Ryan made the pecan, I made the pumpkin. I made the crust but composted the pumpkin I roasted when it was too hard to scrape into the food processor and used the canned stuff.)

(Not pictured because they got eaten too fast: chocolate truffles, which now have a place at all future holiday tables of mine)

Batman popped in for a visit after dinner.


And James took off his pants and wore my niece's pink sparkly shoes all over the house.

Par-tay animal!

I love it when my house is full of people and good food (and kids dressed like Batman and princesses and toddlers with sticky candy cane faces) and it was a great kickoff to the Christmas season (which doesn't actually begin here until the start of Advent next weekend).


Sarah said...

I was hoping to score some clearance turkey candle holders for our post-Tgiving feast, but also found nothing, I had to just use the candle holders that match my table and hope they looked fall-y.

I also make green bean casserole from scratch, but my goal is for it to taste just like the canned stuff :)

Looks delish!

Chiconky said...

Your fall/holiday dinner sounds awesome! It's making me want to start decorating ( and maybe hunt down a bread basket).

Bridget McCarthy said...

I can't wait to see the pictures when James is in college.... :)

Nora said...

I love everything about your thanksgiving, original and v2.0. What I am stuck with in my head is the picture of your sweet little one having dropped trou and donned heels with a very funny but slightly unfortunate soundtrack of Rocky Horror in my head. Alas, poor Truman has no heels to choose from, just a wide variety of Muck boots.