Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is kind of mind blowing...

This morning I realized that my fixation with reading/watching coverage of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath had taken a turn for the clinical and we needed to go somewhere and do something where there were no TVs or internet connections in a fast hurry. So, I took the little kids to vote early with me and just like last time I took a picture by a sign. Since James was free ranging, I did not venture out close to the road to take a picture by the Obama sign like I did four years ago with a carseat-bound Wes and Charlie, who was insanely predictable, even at two.

Election Day

This year we have all grown up Wes and James, Charlie's mini-me (who was not in the picture in November of 2008, especially given that we were living with newborn-Wes who was, shall we say, not the type of newborn who made you want to have another newborn, but now! He is so wonderful, now!).

Voting Day

They charmed all the election workers and helpfully pushed buttons for me and not-helpfully escaped as I was double checking my ballot requiring me to dash away from my terminal shrieking "WES! DON'T TOUCH THE COMPUTER! I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" as I ran to keep James from violating federal election law. Good times. They were happy to have stickers.

And then we headed to Starbucks for our traditional post-voting hot chocolate (and I bought a NY Times there because it had pictures of waves breaking over highways, somebody help me). At the next election I'll have no kids with me to take pictures of!


sarah said...

Ethan has begged me to wait until he gets out of school to vote so he can go with me. I'm thinking instead I might let him go to school late so I can vote early. Otherwise I'll be twitchy until 3pm. LOL

Kyla said...

Awww, how time flies! KayTar was getting her g-button on the last Election Day. Seems like a lifetime ago!

Chiconky said...

Eli's so excited to go vote with me! I'm not sure what he's picturing, but he's been enamored since we started watching the debates during dinner. I can't wait!

Erica said...

Anna (in her blue monster costume) narrated everything, as always. "WE'RE IN STALL #3!" "MOM, IT'S A RED BUTTON! MOM! RED BUTTON!"