Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I baked so much I broke my kitchen

Ryan and I took the fam to Ikea on Saturday morning because we needed new flatware. Eight sets is not enough when you need five of everything for every meal. We are so often out of clean forks and spoons that Wes has taken to eating his cereal with a grapefruit spoon that he calls "Bumpy". So our plan was to snap up a few boxes of that $12.99 for four sets of stainless they have and also a new tray capable of holding enough flatware for the average suburban elementary school.

After dropping off the big fellas at Smaaland, we set off with a dangerously empty cart, a credit card, and one hour of free time in the Land of Temptation.

Ryan was in an unusually generous mood that day and we ended up with a new spice rack, some batteries, and a mixing bowl you could bathe a golden retriever in. I managed to tear myself away from the adorable miniature eggnog mugs with matching reindeer tray, but I cannot stop thinking about them and will have to make a second trip.

After an hour we picked up the kids (everyone involved was sad when it was time to leave Smaaland), gorged ourselves on Groog and ginger cookie samples, then headed home with our loot.

Ryan did this while I put all the new silverware in the drawer (a drawer I now open several times a day just to admire).

Mixing bowl not pictured. We keep it hanging from the garage ceiling with straps used to hold a boat.

And oh, it is glorious! Gone are the days of knocking the $10 bottle of vanilla onto the floor while reaching for the cumin! No more spilling baking soda into the toaster! I don't have to keep the Kosher salt up high with the mugs! I could not wait to bake something.

So I made pumpkin cookies. But we were out of butter, so I only made half a batch. And saved half the flour mixture for the next batch. But then I dropped and spilled the can of pumpkin all over the floor in front of the fridge and had to buy a new can. So then I had an extra half can of pumpkin leftover from the second batch of cookies that I made with the extra flour mixture from the first batch of pumpkin cookies (still with me?). So I made some pumpkin bread.

And then last night I had to make frosting for the Oreo truffle eyeballs I made the kids for Halloween.

And then my sweet little wedding present handheld electric mixer bit the dust. Right in the middle of a batch of butter cream. Ryan the engineer tried to fix it, but I had to finish up the batch with a single beater and then retire my mixer.

I suggested a Kitchen Aid as a replacement. Ryan pointed out that a new handheld would cost $25, a reasonable position to be sure. I pointed out that ALL my FRIENDS have KITCHEN AID and the DOUGH HOOK! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH A DOUGH HOOK?

In the end I decided to think about it some more and this morning decided to go with another handheld simply because I want to be able to use it with the new H.M.S. Mixing Bowl. But while I was perusing the offerings on Amazon, something else caught my eye. Something bigger than the huge mixing bowl.

Yessssss. I wonder how many batches of morning glory muffins I could fit in that puppy? I'll tell you how many. However many batches it takes to fill FOUR POINT ONE CUBIC FEET. It will look so nice on our porch next to the turkey frier I'm planning to buy so I can make oatmeal in bulk. And it's red, like the Kitchen Aid!

Oddly, it is not on Amazon Prime, so I will have to ask Ryan to pick it up on the way home. I think he'll be thrilled.


Sarah said...

I have a narrow little spice cabinet that is the bane of my existence. I shattered both the ceramic cooktop (!) and some Penzey's vanilla in the same accident-- love your shelf!

You would love a Kitchen Aid-- the best thing about it is that you can multi task while baking-- just leave it alone to do its thing and move on to the next step/start wiping up some of the mess/ break up a fight, etc. It's kind of a counter hog, though.

Sarah said...

also! we had 12 sets of flatware and ordered 6 more and STILL run out of spoons everyday (the kids eat from soup spoons all the time because we are classy). So much flatware.

KarenAZ said...

As the owner of BOTH a KitchenAid and a cement mixer, you need both. Trust me.

Rima said...

"H.M.S. Mixing bowl." You crack me up!

Candy said...

RIP:old trusty hand mixer, long live the new hand mixer!!

Wes will be right at home here when you come visit...we have bumpy teaspoons to eat with too!!

Please invite us to the christening of your new coricle when it is launched!

again Candy said...

I think I was dreaming of you last night, somebody in my dream got a Kitchenaid Mixer for xmas.

Oh, and I meant "Coracle".

Erica said...

Heeeeee boat-bowl.