Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Our neighbors moved to another city this weekend, which is really really sad because our boys just started to play with their boys at the beginning of the summer. They always had so much fun riding bikes up and down our sidewalk and playing "catch" in our yard and even though they are about five years older than our kids, they seemed to really enjoy Charlie and Wes's company. One night the older boys were playing catch with their dad in the street and Charlie and Wes stood in the open upstairs window in our bedroom yelling to them "TOUCHDOWN! NICE CATCH! WOOOOO HOOOO!" It did not bother them that both were dressed for bed in a tshirt and undies.

Sunday was the big day and Saturday Charlie and their oldest spent the day riding bikes back and forth delivering notes.

Charlie: "Sory you haf to moov. I will mis you."

Other boys: "Thanks for the note. You are a cool kid and a great friend. I wish we could stay. I will miss you too."

It went on and on like this. The adorableness was doubled by the fact that Charlie is not yet allowed to cross the street so he had to ride his bike all the way to the end of our street, where there is a culdesac, then go around the culdesac and up the other side of the street to their house. I pretty much spent all day Saturday sitting on the porch watching this go on. Heartbreaking. And really stinking cute.

Sunday I went to the store for our weekly shopping and when I got back their car was gone, their dad was putting the last few boxes in the moving van, and Ryan and the boys were out in the yard waving furiously up the street. The closure to all this business was kind of a relief after sloooowly ripping off the bandaid all day on Saturday. Still, I was so sad to see them go.

Conveniently providing a distraction for the kids was this:


They did not want to move it so they brought it over to our house. You guys. This is very exciting.

Here's how we spent ALLLLL of the next afternoon.


"Making shoots" as Charlie calls it. To keep the three (flat!) balls from rolling into the street, I had to construct a fence out of a soccer goal we found in another neighbor's trash several years ago and some pieces of wood I found in the garage.

I think the pantsless baby really adds a certain something, don't you?

After dinner we went right back out there to enjoy our Rice Crispy Treats.

Still no pants on James. Shoes though!

Later that night Ryan and I went out to clean up the "court" and played a very loud, smack-talking game of one on one. I told the kids we do laundry after they went to bed. They probably know I was lying now.

While playing basketball with the kids in our driveway I realized that we have broken through the small-child barrier somehow, even though two of them are what I would describe as "small". Wes does everything Charlie does and James is pretty content to just hang out and amuse himself amid the chaos, so the days of schlepping everyone to storytime/playgroup/the playground just to get out of the house and talk to other people are GONE. Being home used to make me completely insane. But now? We are having so much fun! They still fight sometimes and get themselves into trouble for doing stupid, stupid things (peeing off the top of the swingset, STILL A PROBLEM!), but having two self-sufficient, verbal KIDS and one toddler around is a whole new world compared to having two (or three) babies around, which is what was happening here for much of the period between 2006 and now.

THIS is why I wanted kids, you guys. So that we could all be home in the afternoons, enjoying each others company and doing things we enjoy, apart or together. I make dinner and listen to music, they play on the swingset or do god knows what else in the backyard (pee off the swingset). I sit on the porch and read, looking up every page-turn or so, they ride bikes and scooters in front of the house (even James is learning to scooter! He also still takes frequent naps!). Sometimes we play together! Sometimes we don't! Everyone knows to stay out of the street! It's BRILLIANT.

Also BRILLIANT? Our forecast high for Sunday is SIXTY ONE. Poof, head exploded from awesome. Fall is the best.


SnarkyMommy said...

Awesome awesome awesome. I feel like we're starting to turn that same corner. Well, except for the lunatic 3-year-old. Remember 3? Yeah, me, too. I think I better get a prescription for Valium on auto-refill. But in another year she's be almost 4 and it will be awesome and sunshine and rainbows!

P.S. Love that all three of them can now play together (sometimes) nicely. Emmie finally has use for Maeve, and they play dress-up and sit in Maeve's crib together doing god knows what for half-hours on end and it is lovely.

Sarah said...

How great! Harry and Jack are good to go and will play with each other or with friends forever (and with no TV since late August!). Cooper is still a giant pain in the ass, but there's nap time! I love nap time!

Jessica said...

That sounds amazing. I'm looking forward to that coming for us.

Another Sewing Scientist said...

We tell the kids that after they go to bed, Mama and Daddy do housework and eat salad. They still buy it.

My kids are finally reaching the "have friends over to play stage",which means "I only have to supervise if I hear screams" stage. It's heaven.

Erica said...

Riding around the cul de sac is my favorite image of today.

WhitMc said...

I love the notes, that is adorable. And pants-less James. At least he has socks. I don't think we have had D in socks for 6 months.

AliRose said...

Oh my, I really loved this. Actually I pretty much love everything you write. Just wanted to come out of lurkdom and tell you that. I'm still in the "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE OR I MAY GO CRAZY" baybee stage, and will be for quite a bit more time, especially if we have another in the next few years.

Anyway, it's nice to get a glimpse of the future. Peeing off the swingset and all. :)