Thursday, September 13, 2012

Traffic, but not the drug kind.

I left work around 4:20 today so that I could get home in time to roast a butternut squash and make some cornbread for dinner, but when I got to my exit I was dismayed to see a huge wall of cars blocking my path.

I finally (and with as little eye contact as possible) worked my way through three lines of stopped cars to get into the right lane to make my turn, but no one was going anywhere. We were stopped. The cars behind me were stopped as far as I could see. The cars coming across the highway on the bridge were stopped as far as I could see.

I looked through a clearing in the woods to see a train moving veeeeerrry sloooooowly on the track that goes over the road, the road that was standing between me and my snuggly babies and my barbeque chicken in the crockpot-scented house. I was really looking forward to that chicken and the butternut squash and the corn bread, especially on this dreary (yay!) day, so I thought about working my way back out to the free lane and going the long way around. Ultimately I decided it probably wasn't worth it and settled in for some people watching.

But then the train stopped! At least I thought it stopped. I couldn't see clearly through the rain on my passenger side window so I rolled it down to get a better look. Just as I had opened the window allllll the way and was leaning waaaayyy over to see if I could see the train, the whole car filled with light and there was a huge BOOOOOOM.

Lightning had obviously just struck something very close. Judging by the, oh, ZERO SECONDS I counted between the FLASH and the BOOM that was still resonating through my brain, it was very close indeed.

I rolled the window back up very fast. Well, that's not true, first I stupidly swatted at all four window buttons on the armrest for several seconds before I finally zeroed in on the right one. I managed to get the window closed and decided I really didn't need to know what the train was doing after all.

As it turns out it had moved on. But the lightning had blown out the signal lights. We sat there a while longer while we waited for cops to come direct the traffic, which was nearing the angry violent mob tipping point.

When I finally got waved through two intersections by two hostile-looking light-saber wielding policeman I saw that the traffic was even worse in the other direction. But still. My twenty minute commute took fifty and I almost got incinerated by a bolt of lightning. I was very glad to get home.


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Never leave faraday's cage! :) --abby

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Stumbling Towards Perfect said...

YIKES! I totally would have wet myself. Not lying. Lightening scares me to an unhealthy (and non-dry) degree.