Monday, September 3, 2012

People in glass houses...

I needn't have worried about Charlie and Wes's friendship now that Charlie is at school for much of the day. They picked right up where they left off this weekend and had a great time together. And by "had a great time together" I mean, "sneaked food and broke things together."

It started this morning when the two of them headed downstairs instead of coming into our bedroom and waking us up by peeing in our bathroom, slamming the toilet seat, then crawling into our bed. I checked the clock (7:30) and noted that James was still asleep (miracle!) and snuggled back under the covers (and by covers I mean single top sheet because it is still freaking hot here).

Finally, Ryan went down to see what was going on and found Wes climbing up the pantry shelves like Spider Man to get at the contraband box of Cocoa Pebbles we had leftover from a recipe I made.

Charlie was on hand to orchestrate the whole thing.

I did not ask how he planned to treat the head injury that Wes would almost certainly incur when he fell from the top shelf. Although he would have landed in a huge pile of clean clothes so maybe he would have been alright.

Evidence on the kitchen table suggested that as an appetizer to their breakfast of Cocoa Pebbles (they turn the milk into chocolate!), Wes had eaten half a packet of hot chocolate mix. Just the mix. No milk.

Ryan worked quickly to get some solid food into him before he crossed over to the Dark Side. I think he ate a half a banana.

The two of them spent a lovely day running around the house together doing who knows what. They spent lots of time tucked away among the winter bedding in a corner of our closet talking to each other and making up stories. I don't really know, or want to know, because they were being so nice and having such fun together. It was later that Ryan and I were downstairs with James, that I had the thought "This is so nice. Is this what it's like to have big kids? Because this is awesome."

And then Charlie appeared on the stairs looking contrite.

"Mom? I'm really sorry but..."

Oh goodness did they break another crib? Another Pack and Play? Did they break the TV? The window? Where's Wes? Is he hurt?"

"...we broke the light."

Ryan and I headed up to find the glass dome of our closet ceiling light shattered into pieces.

The scene gave us both the nervous giggles. Charlie and Wes sat on our bed trying to look sorry. This made me laugh harder. I hid in the bathroom for a moment then regained composure.

"How did this happen?" I managed.

Charlie spoke first. "We threw a boot at it!! BANG! Lights out!"

Sure enough one of Ryan's size 12 L.L. Bean steel toed hiking boots was lying nearby. It probably weighs ten pounds. I'm not sure how they threw it that far but I'm impressed. And annoyed. And still shaking from the effort it's taking not to laugh.

We had a Very Serious Conversation about throwing things inside. And then they got banished to the back yard, where you can throw anything you want that's not a person or a dog. When Charlie complained about having to take the compost out I just looked at him and said "You want to talk about that light some more or do you want to help me with the compost?" He chose to do the compost. I plan to get some mileage out of this.

And then it took Ryan over an hour to get all the glass out of the closet with his shopvac. There were pieces in all of the shoes, ground into the carpet, in his dresser. Tiny shards of glass. Everywhere.

We may need to install a padded room. With no glass of any kind. And no sugar cereal.


gina said...

Contraband Cocoa Pebbles--hilarious! You were so much cooler about the light than I would have been. It makes me twitch just thinking about it.

CP said...

I love those two! They are my favorite!

Sarahviz said...

I totally love your boy stories!

Sarah said...

OMG-- I am with Gina. I would have no problem not laughing because laughter would be the furthest thing from my mind.

Becca said...

@gina and @Sarah, my kids never know if I'm going to laugh like a crazy person or completely lose my shit over something like this. It could honestly go either way. Yesterday was a good day.

sarah said...

I love the Very Serious Conversation that you have to have while you're trying not to laugh. Those are always the best.

So much mischief at your house! I love it!

Jessica said...

Aww, I hope they’re always such good friends. Having big kids does sound awesome, minus the lamp destruction.