Monday, September 10, 2012

Get yer guns up!

We woke up Saturday morning to seasonably cool weather for the first time in months, which is to say it was 75 at eight o'clock instead of 85 and humid. Add in the brisk north wind that came with it and it was downright nice outside. Charlie ran out onto the porch then ran back in and up to his room to put on some jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Wes and I cuddled under a blanket with my coffee, just because we could. James enjoyed going down the slide without requiring extensive skin graft surgery to his legs.

The euphoria lasted until about ten o'clock when the kids started to get bored with frolicking in the wind and began to turn on each other.

We needed something fun to do, QUICK. Our Red Raiders were playing Texas State in a nearby town so we decided a family tailgate party was in order. The hour we would spend in the car on the way down with everyone strapped into their seats out of reach of their brothers was an added bonus that did not go overlooked. A quick run through McDonalds for OJ and hashbrowns and we were on our way.

The alumni association had staked out a parking lot and set up a stage for a live band, a beer tent, and some port-a-potties. They said the tailgate didn't start until 12:00, but I know my Red Raider fans better than that. We arrived at 11:00 to find a dozen George Straight-style bus-campers lined up around the lot and the party well underway.

First we decorated the car...


Charlie's sign:


My sign:


This was all amusing slash annoying to the more professional tailgaters around us, with their enormous smokers on wheels and tents, especially the guys next to us whose grill almost caught the big roll of crepe paper I had on fire after the wind ripped it out of my hand.

We played a little catch.


James wanted to know when it would be time to break into the cheese.


And then he fell asleep briefly on a stranger's doormat.


Someone took a nice family picture for us. Yes, we did forget James's shoes.


We made some friends, listened to the live band for a little while (a delightful song about how much fun it is to skip work and drink beer. Which, yes and no.), and then headed back home. While we were driving back to the highway a student from the other school, no doubt a representative of the Greek community, screamed "F*$# TECH!" at our window repeatedly. It's those kinds of organic experiences for the kids that make me miss living in a college town. That and having neighbors who sit on their roof and drink beer at nine o'clock in the morning. Memories!


Sarah said...

SO fun! People are not screwing around with their tailgating in WI-- it's intense. We are tailgate amateurs. despite living here for almost a decade!

Brooke said...

LOL at the organic experiences for the kids.

CP said...

Love the picture of James sleeping on the mat :)

Erica said...

I grew up in a Tech household! I'm sure my dad will forgive me for marrying a Longhorn eventually.