Monday, August 6, 2012

Update: Happy Camper

OMG you guys. I left half an hour early to pick Charlie up because I was DYING of curiosity. When I pulled up, the kids were all on the playground. The counselor called Charlie's name and he came staggering out of the fray dirty, tan, with hair disheveled, one sock missing, wearing his swimsuit. He showed me the bag of Cheetos he'd gotten somewhere then led me to his backpack, which contained his uneaten lunch and the muddiest towel I have ever seen.

In other words, he had a GREAT time.

Could not get him to stop talking long enough to smile.

He talked all the way home. They went swimming and played soccer and had snack and played with Legos outside and he drew Wes a picture and went to music and danced and MOM WE ATE CHEETOS. He didn't stop talking until he went to bed.

He wants me to pick him up later tomorrow. OMG I am so excited that he had such a great time.

When I got home and walked in the door first Wes greeted me with furrowed brow and said "YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO GET CHARLIE."

The little boys had a different opinion of Charlie's absence. They were not pleased. Not pleased at all. Bad reports for everyone. Hoping for a better day for them tomorrow.


CP said...

That's great that he had such an awesome time!

Stumbling Towards Perfect said...

YAY!! HE LOVED IT!! Don't you always want to be a fly on the wall and see how your kids interact when you're not there. What they talk about, where they gravitate?