Monday, August 20, 2012

Road Trippin' Part 2

When I left you I was in Madison, Wisconsin with internet besties Sarah and Amy, our husbands, and a huge pack o'kids. We had a great time hanging out with Sarah's family at home, walking to the parks in her neighborhood and playing in the basement, but Wednesday night Sarah planned a great dinner out at a pizza restaurant which had a playroom for the kids and local beers on tap. Afterward we went out for cupcakes at a cute little bakery down the street. Here's the whole group post-cupcake.


That night we moved to a hotel because Sarah's house was having some work done. After a morning enjoying the breakfast buffet (Wes's favorite item on the buffet? Half and half. And sugar packets) and the pool and a long nap for James, Sarah took us for a walk through downtown, across the campus of the University of Wisconsin, and to a huge lake. The kids loved getting to stretch their legs and the weather was cool and windy. It was perfect.


Madison was really beautiful.


The next day we attempted Chipotle with the whole group. I love Chipotle but James was a total disaster, running up and down the bench, engaging the people in line behind our booth, and screaming. It was mortifying. I bailed on Orange Leaf afterward for ice cream and instead drove around until James fell asleep then headed to Sonic to get the big kids the ice cream I'd originally promised. Then, when James had been sleeping for about an hour and a half, we went to the children's museum.

I totally need one of these for my house.


And one of these.


Seriously, a museum with a habit trail and a hamster wheel for kids? Yes, please. I wish we had a few more hours to spend there before we had to get in the car to our next destination. Where did we go next? Here's a hint.


James rode the whole way there like this.


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