Saturday, August 25, 2012

Papa fixed the shower!!

The kids broke their shower several months ago by ripping the knob off that turns it from a tub into a shower. It wasn't too big of a problem because they just used our shower but houseguests for some reason felt uncomfortable when we said "You can TOTALLY use our shower! I cleaned it up reeeealll nice for you." Since we're going to have someone staying with us for the next two weeks (Hi Miss N!), we thought it would be better if she had access to the shower in the hall and didn't have to tiptoe through the master bedroom while we were asleep. Or, alternatively, take a bath. Let me know if the Mr. Bubble is running low! Fortunately, it wasn't hard to replace the faucet. The kids are not allowed to touch the knob. They were quite excited to be back in shower business. I'm quite excited that I won't have to hide my Aveda products from Charlie anymore.

Forgive the unmade bed and pajama-ed children. It was only noon on a Saturday!


Jessica said...

Sounds like Daddy is a rock star. Or the shower. I'm not sure which.

Stumbling Towards Perfect said...

How the hell are you going to top that at Christmas?