Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Many, many, red white and blue pictures.

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I like it even more than Christmas, though it's close. I like hot dogs and fireworks and picnics and parades and most of all, warm weather. Sorry, Christmas, you'd be number one if I could wear a tank top on Christmas morning. And like Christmas, my day started in a sea of little pieces of paper and tape. The kids decorated their bikes/strollers for the annual neighborhood parade. They were quite enthusiastic.


The parade was a hit. A whiny, chaotic hit, but a hit nonetheless. It was so much fun to see the neighborhood out with their decorated bikes.

Me: Is this skirt too short? Ryan (without looking): Absolutely not.

When the firetruck turned on its siren, it was time to go and they were off, FAST!


The walk took forever because Charlie served as the neighborhood parade candy patrol and had to stop his bike every eight inches to pick up another freaking Laffy Taffy (gag), but everyone was in good spirits when we got to the park, which marked the end of the parade route and also the place where the firemen spray the kids with the hose every year.


Charlie charged right in. Wes was still feeling punky because he fell off his bike and a fireman had to help him up because the rest of us were so excited about the water we kept walking without noticing him until we were a good fifty yards away. Poor middle child.



Later he rallied and agreed to go get sprayed only if I would join him. The water felt amazing since it was ten AM and already in the mid nineties. He refused to put down the Smarties.


After that we went to the fire station for the Boy Scout pancake breakfast. Ryan looked at this picture and exclaimed "Wow. That is a lot of kids."


James was super tired but managed to eat a pancake the size of his torso and a bunch of sausage. And all of my orange juice.


We have been going to this pancake breakfast since Charlie was James's size and every year we take a picture on the fire truck. Here's smooshy little Charlie when he was twenty months old and the king of the castle. We knew Wes was on his way, but he did not.


Wes joined the party the next year and we risked his life in the hands of a two-year-old so we could get this picture.

Firetruck Brothers

Next year: still-baby Wes and almost a big boy Charlie.

Annual Firetruck Picture

2011 we missed because we were on an airplane to Maine, so this one is funny because SURPRISE! A TODDLER!


That one was my favorite. James is just so happy to be included, even though he couldn't really breathe.

Happy Fourth of July!


Alyssa said...

Wow, the progression in those photos is amazing! Love that last one - they look like best buds :)

Happy 4th of July to you!

Chiconky said...

That last one's adorable! The smiles on their faces are so sweet and genuine.
It sounds like a fabulous 4th! I especially love the pancake breakfast. Those are the best!

CP said...

I love how in the 2009 photo, someone's hands are hovering nearby to catch a kid! lol. What a great thing to have all these photos and an awesome tradition!

I love your blog so much. You are so funny, and it seems like you are just naturally that way, like your not even trying to be! Forgive my multiple incorrect use of commas- I haven't quite mastered the comma yet. And the semicolon is a lost cause....

WhitMc said...

I love the photo roll! I am with you on the 4th of July, it is one of my favorite holidays as well. We started an annual BBQ at our house so we would always have BBQ to attend. This year it was PACKED with kids and swimming and various salads and of course, hot dogs. And every 20 minutes someone would shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! That's how to celebrate America's birthday.

Kyla said...

Love those yearly shots!

SnarkyMommy said...

Love it! I always take a picture of our kids at the parade on the Fourth, too. I should go all retrospective' on y'all soon.

SO CUTE! And I love the firehose spraying. Great tradition.

Rima said...

What a great Fourth of July tradition! I love the photo where there's a pair of hands coming in from the side to save baby Wes :)

Anonymous said...

I had a similar conversation with Kevin about a low cut shirt.....he said he didn't understand the question :) --Abby

Erica said...

Yes, Dan will frequently tell me that pants that are CLEARLY two sizes too small "look good!"

sarah said...

I love that I remember each one of those photos of the boys on the truck. Its so fun to watch them grow up. xoxox

also? ryan's comment about your skirt made me snort out loud in Starbucks. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

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