Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Helpful tips for you

After Ryan built the wall upstairs that created Charlie's bedroom we had this cozy little nook at the top of the stairs.  We had big plans for a bookshelf and a built in bench with big pillows and charming family pictures on the wall.  But then James was born and I taught a new class and that all went kablooey and the charming landing turned into The Place Where Shoes and Dirty Clothes go. 

Which is not what I want to look at every time I leave my bedroom in the morning.  I mean, mornings are stressful enough without tripping over forty five rubber clogs am I right?  So we've been trying to keep it neater, but what it really needed was a curtain. 

Every time I passed this window I thought about what kind of curtain I'd like to have.  Red?  Blue?  Gray?  Contemporary?  Traditional?  Valance?  Panels?  Sheers?  But I could not decide, mostly because I did not feel like spending any money on the project.  But still, how uninspiring is this?


Hi, we just moved in. Four years ago. You know how it is.

And then! On the way home from something the other day we stopped at a yard sale and they had curtain panels!! I snapped up two pretty ones and held my breath as I waited my turn to pay. They were so perfect and wonderful and I only had five dollars in my purse. I didn't want to have to put them back. I was thrilled when she told me they were FIFTY CENTS EACH!

With great enthusiasm I brought them home and went straight to work cajoling Ryan into hanging them up. We had an extra curtain rod but no brackets. Ryan suggested he go to the store but I pressed on! This project is supposed to cost ONE DOLLAR ONLY! So he screwed two drywall screws into the window frame to rest the rod on and VOLIA!


So much better. They are about six inches too long so I will need to hem them. Yeah, I'll get right on that. As a special bonus, they cover up the hole left behind when Wes used his Incredible Hulk muscles to rip the baby gate out of the wall.

And now for helpful tip number two! Do you have boys? Does your bathroom smell like the mens room at Texas Stadium on dollar pitcher night? Have you witnessed your darling children experience...lapses in concentration, shall we say...while they are using the potty that explain the smell?

I taped this picture to the potty one day because I thought the kids would laugh.


And they did laugh, but the BEST PART? It seems to keep them facing front and center. The smell has not returned! It is a miracle! I think I will have to change it up every once in a while to hold their interest. This must be why they hang newspapers behind the urinals at bars, no?


Kim said...

HAHAHAHAHA to the picture on the toilet! HAHAHA! You are a genius!

Sarah said...

toilet picture is hilarious!

love your curtains!'

we moved in a year ago and still have nothing on our bedrooms walls. nothing!

CP said...

to my husband's dismay, it took me 5 months to hem our curtains :)

I am SO using the that potty trick!

Chiconky said...

You're a genius!

Kyla said...

So funny!!

Want to hear something to make you feel better? We have no curtain in the window above our bed. We have a folded, tacked queen size sheet hanging there instead. SO KLASSY! Seriously, I have to fix it soon...it is embarrassing. But it is soooo far down on the list of "Things Needed to Survive" that I never get to it! Instead, I just make sure our bedroom door is closed whenever people are in the house. Problem solved!

sarah said...

OMG, you are BRILLIANT!!!! Your ability to snatch up fantastic craigslist and yard sale buys is inspiring and that smiling pug picture as motivation not to pee all over the bathroom floor is GENIUS! You're like a Jedi with this shit.