Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome to my SD card

Summer is upon us. That means only two things: (A) Lots of junk food and (B) flagrant abuse of the YMCA Child Watch program. Because nothing of note has happened (except the realization that I can now drop one kid off at Child Watch and take the other two (my favorite two that day) to the pool with me has been kind of life changing), I will catch you up on our happenings by unloading my SD card directly onto Blogger.


The big boys slept super late the day we were supposed to leave College Station. James, you will notice, was bright eyed and bushy tailed at ten till six. I was so happy we sprang for the suite because C and W slept until 8:30. This is how you travel with three kids, BTW, you have one sleeping room and one par-tay-all-night room. And then you spend the twelve hours between eight PM and eight AM moving tiny bodies back and forth according to the situation. Super restful.

This (not actually that restful) arrangement had some consequences. For example, Wes was very disappointed that I couldn't find his favorite CD as we drove out of town.


He was making such a spectacle of himself I had to take a picture before retrieving the CD from under the passenger seat.

Later, he and James slept through an entire shopping trip. James is only sitting up because of the safety belt.


This is what Wes does when you ask to see his "big eyeballs".


And this is what he did the other day when I tried to get him to stop running around the Home Depot checkout area by saying "Go get your bottom on that wall!"


We were really very inappropriate at Home Depot. They should not leave the house after 6:00 PM. But when you need tile samples, you need tile samples.


Friday was my birthday so I decided to head out of work early, but on the way home I thought I would stop for a slice of coconut cream pie, since I pretty much want coconut cream pie all the time anyway and it was my birthday. When I explained that it was my birthday, they gave me my piece of pie and iced tea on the house! I got a ton of writing done as I ate my pie.


The pie was almost as much fun as going home to a Chinese food feast with my sister and brother in law and these cutiepies.



Chiconky said...

Love it! I was sure that I was the only person in the world who's kids go INSANE in Home Depot. This is only made worse by the fact that C worked at a very similar store for years, so the kids see it as a personal playground.

Happy Birthday, BTW!

Sarah said...

LOVE Wes screaming in the car-- too funny!

Mine also freak at HD-- me, too.

Watcha tiling?

Happy birthday!!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! I love the inappropriateness at Home Depot. That store can bring out the worst in me, and I'm not a three-to-five-year-old.

Kyla said...

At least no one dropped a deuce in the demo toilets at Home Depot, right? Always a bright side! ;)

Happy birthday!

Erica said...

Between your guys at Home Depot and Anna pole-dancing at the park (EVERY PARK EVERY TIME) we could probably put a show together, earn some tips.

SnarkyMommy said...

Home Depot will be the site of child protective services removing the children from my care, mark my words.

We always travel with suites. You just can't do it any other way.

Alyssa said...

LOL! These photos made my morning - thanks! I especially like the screaming-in-the-car one :)

sarah said...

I LOVE that picture of Wes losing his mind in the car--why is it so hilarious to us when they flip out? LOL That picture in Home Depot is priceless, too; Charlie is very "blue steel" in that pose.

Happy birthday, friend!!! xoxoxo

Rima said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Becca! And thanks for the peek into your memory card :)

CMasters said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! you are a cutie pie too ya know...xox CM

Phoenix Rising said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh, this just made my day! These pictures are awesome! Happy Belated Birthday!