Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal planning has now cost me $200

We are all doing Vacation Bible School this week (and last week!), so I am trying to plan and prep all the dinners early enough that when the kids inevitably reach Defcon 5 at four thirty in the afternoon, I can slap a nutritious homemade meal down on the table in fifteen minutes or less. Then we can do baths, teeth, and jammies and plunk 'em in front of a video until Ryan gets home and the afternoon is done done done. So last night I went and bought all of the groceries we would need for the week, including two pounds of strawberries, and a whole watermelon and pineapple, and a crap ton of strawberries, three loaves of bread, five pounds of bananas, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and some ice cream. There might have been some veggies in there, hidden behind the giant box of crackers.

So today, the plan is to make oven BBQ shredded chicken and coleslaw sandwiches for dinner (to use up the extra cabbage from when I made coleslaw this weekend, LOOK AT ME SO SOUTHERN!), along with some beans from the CSA and some watermelon (I WIN SUMMER MEAL PLANNING). The kids were occupied this afternoon and James was napping, so I thought I'd be all proactive-like and make the coleslaw.

The recipe called for grated carrots, so I got out a carrot and the cheese grater and went to work. After half a carrot I had had enough of carrot grating and got out the food processor. The stem that holds the grating blade up was missing, so I had to use the chopping blade to hold up the grating blade, effectively pureeing the perfectly grated carrots that were going to be falling into the bowl. But! No matter! The goal here is to use up the carrots! It doesn't matter if they are grated or mush! Onward!

I pushed one carrot down the chute and pushed it with the pusher. It fell into the bowl.

I pushed another carrot down the chute and pushed it with the pusher.

And then I looked at the huge pile of carrots on the counter and had an idea about how to make the entire process more efficient.

I crammed the whole stack down the hole and fired up the machine.


Uh oh.

I opened the bowl and retrieved the three pieces of the grating blade.


No more grating things for me. I looked on Craigslist and found a beautiful food processor with a sixteen cup bowl for $200. Not how I had planned to use my birthday money, but not having to grate veggies by hand is the gift that keeps on giving. Or, given how much the kids have been eating recently, I may need something freestanding with a bowl the size of our washing machine.


sarah said...

You definitely win summer meal planning. Thus far, mine has looked like: "how about Chipotle?" Enjoy the food processor--small kitchen appliances make me happy

Sarah said...

I have been through 3 expensive food processors, and I finally sent $20 at Target on the the Food Ninja-- I freaking LOVE IT. Before you blow your whole b-day wad, check it out.

Hanah said...

You should either buy pre-shredded cole slaw mix or the matchstick cut carrots.

Elsha said...

I think I am the only person in the world who does not mind grating things by hand.

Erica said...

I have to "Onward!" my way through so many recipes.

Leigh said...

My husband bought me an as-seen-on-TV Slap Chop a couple of years ago as an ironic birthday gift, and I unironically love that thing. It chops veggies into tiny pieces AND takes enough effort that you can vent all sorts of frustrations! I highly recommend it.

I also have a fancy food processor but have never gotten it to work for crap on carrots.