Thursday, June 14, 2012

24601 x 2

Lest you think it's all cute babies playing in the sand around here, I provide you with these pictures of my prison laborers washing the muddy footprints off the walls and the kitchen floor. With rags. Down on their hands and knees. I think I heard them singing Look down! Look down! at one point, but I couldn't be sure because I was cleaning up the aftereffects of letting James eat lunch in his swim diaper.

Yesterday afternoon was so bad that I made three SOS calls to Ryan between 2:30 and 5:00 when he finally packed it in and came home. Once he came home I took a magazine and sat on the porch until my neighbor came and picked me up. She took me to a wine bar and we met some friends. It was delightful.

As if Wes kicking me and calling me "Stupid Mama" numerous times and knocking over the bench and the high chair wasn't enough, when I got back from being out with my friends there were muddy footprints on the walls by the stairs and soggy clothes in the bathtub and Ryan looked like I did before I went and had an entire wine flight and a couple of hours of talk therapy with my friends.

Wes's first job this morning was getting all the wet clothes out of the bathtub and taking them to the washing machine. After camp today, they got a bucket of PineSol and some rags and went to work on the footprints. I got better reports from Ryan about tonight's bedtime, which I missed because I was at work.




I think they look like they're having a little too much fun, don't you?


sarah said...

omg, Becca, the Les Mis references made me snort. Seriously so funny!

"Stupid Mama" would have made me apoplectic. Kudos to you for holding it together. So glad you got a chance to get out of the house and get some time to for yourself.

Sarah said...

They do look like they are having too much fun. I would not have been able to wait until morning-- mud on the wall might have given me a heart attack on the spot.

Chiconky said...

You're my discipline role model. Pretty sure I'm going to start making my kids wash the walls now. Although, how did they get muddy foot prints on the walls on the stairway? That's pretty impressive...

Rainbow Motel said...

You've got those kids washing down the walls? Send them over to my place ASAP!!

WhitMc said...

I love the slave labor. And the parent "Hand-off" is the best. I got tagged the other night when I got home from work. an hour an a half later, after B had spent solo time with his Kindle and made a solo trip to the store I had to tag him back in :)