Friday, May 11, 2012

Way to be me

Hey, friends, I'm back in my old town because I'm taking a week-long course in climate change with a little bit of schilling for a postdoc on the side.  It's been so much fun.  The class is fascinating and I've really enjoyed stretching my brain and talking about my research and new (very poorly defined and researched) research ideas.  I like it a lot.  I also miss the kids a lot, as evidenced by the compulsion I have to pick up all the children and babies I see. And I'm staying with friends who have a very cute and smiley little seven month old. The kids and Ryan are coming up tomorrow and JUST in time.

Today during the class we were instructed to draw a "picture or diagram" explaining how anthropogenic (human caused) climate change works.  I spent my five minutes carefully drawing a cow and a pig and some buildings and a coal fired power plant and a car and a truck and some chopped down trees. That all took kind of a long time so I had to hurry when I was drawing my carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere, but I think I did a good job of showing how radiation gets re-radiated from the molecules back to earth, causing warming. I was pretty proud of the finished product:


Imagine my surprise when the instructor asked us to switch papers with our neighbor and I learned that everyone else in the class had drawn a FLOW CHART.

Raise your hand if you teach at a liberal arts college!

Later I drove by the old homestead. It looked exactly the same and it felt good to be back in the old hood (and I do mean hood). I loved that house so much. I don't think we could do 1300 square feet now, but it was a really great house.


We brought Charlie home from the hospital to that house! We celebrated Ryan's defense in that house! We spent many happy hours with our wonderful friends in that house. I can still picture the very spot on the hallway carpet where Charlie spit up his 4 AM feeding EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when I carried him back to his crib in his sweet little blue bedroom.

This picture? In that house. DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN? I do not remember and Charlie is eight feet tall now.

Charlie Bath

Let's hear it for blue tile!! Sooo much blue tile. Also a wallpaper border. It was very stylish. In 1975.

The rest of the fam drives up tomorrow, which is terrifying but I am so incredibly excited to see them that I don't know how I'm going to wait until 3:00. But I have to because they're six hours away. But at 3:00? I'm going to hug the heck out of some kids.


SnarkyMommy said...

Love your drawing! And we had that very same bathtub -- we're selling it in a garage sale next week and I was a little weepy about it.

Sarah said...

Hahahaha! I love your drawing. And Charlie was an adorable baby.

Phoenix Rising said...

I get all weepy when I see our old house. Also, your drawing would be exactly what I expect to see in a childrens book explaining human cause climate changes. I have a couple awesome moms with awesome kids that would LOVE a book like that!

Erica said...

Our last house had a bathroom that looked exactly like that except sea-green tile and oh my goodness you look like a baby in that picture.