Wednesday, May 30, 2012


To continue with our Tour of the Big 12 South, the kids and I tagged along with Ryan on a work trip to College Station, home of Texas A&M University, which is no longer part of the Big 12 South. As an alum of another major state university I am obligated to make lots of redneck jokes about Texas A&M, but it seems to be a nice place. Even Charlie commented about how green and nice everything is here. The food is good too. I haven't eaten a single green vegetable in almost three days. What I have eaten, however, is hushpuppies, barbeque, tacos, hamburgers, and a single guilt-induced bowl of oatmeal at the hotel breakfast bar. Also available at the hotel? Chocolate chip cookies in free and unlimited supply. It is kind of a problem.

While Ryan was at work yesterday I loaded up the kids and took them to the George Bush Presidential Library. Time to learn about your country, kiddies! We took this lovely picture on the way in. Despite averaging six hours of sleep per person the night before, we were all getting along well.


After a bit of a fiasco involving the 17 minute introductory movie and a dirty diaper situation, we headed into the main part of the museum. The first activity was to cast a straw vote for the 2012 presidential election. Charlie voted for Obama and Wes voted for the unnamed third-party candidate. This doesn't really surprise me. Later, when we were eating lunch in what can best be described as a roadhouse in the middle of an industrial park (delicious, by the way), Charlie loudly announced to Ryan "I VOTED FOR OBAMA". It was a scary moment, given the clientele, let me tell you.


The museum was fascinating and I really wish I could go back without the kids. I mean, I got the gist, but we spent a disproportionate amount of time at the flight simulator, the WWII bomber hanging from the ceiling, and the Gulf War exhibit. As we were leaving, I asked the kids "What did you like best about the museum?" Wes's favorite part was the kid-sized White House they got to crawl into and listen to Barbara Bush reading "Corduroy". That was my favorite part (for them) too. Charlie replied "What's a bomb?"

After the museum and lunch, we went to see the wind tunnel Ryan is working on. It wasn't turned on, so we got to walk right up to the fans. It was AWESOME. We got to see the model shop and all the instrumentation and the computers. We got to look at (WITH YOUR EYES DO NOT TOUCH THAT CHARLIE) Space Shuttle heat tiles!! Later when we went back to get Ryan the fan was going, but we didn't get to see that. It was so loud you could hear it from the parking lot. I might be a little jealous of Ryan this week. A lot.


After some quiet time we had a dip in the hotel pool then went back to the room to freshen up.


And watch some teeeee veeeeeee.


We'll go home today where I look forward to putting the kids to bed in their own beds and eating nothing but kale for the rest of the week.


Rima said...

I would have never thought to go to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. I thought it would be, like, empty. But now you have piqued my interest!

Sarah said...

So fun! James is a mini Charlie for sure-- so, so adorable!

Erica said...

Kale will fix it.

SnarkyMommy said...

"Charlie loudly announced to Ryan 'I VOTED FOR OBAMA'. It was a scary moment, given the clientele, let me tell you."


Kyla said...

Surprised you didn't take your little frat boys to Northgate. LOL!! Kidding, of course. But developmentally-speaking, they probably would have fit in. ;)

sarah said...

"Charlie loudly announced to Ryan 'I VOTED FOR OBAMA'. It was a scary moment, given the clientele, let me tell you."

That is awesome.