Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three weeks to go!

Hey friends, I'm still alive! It's a busy time of the semester for me and the kids (and everybody, I am sure). I haven't even watched Modern Family in three weeks! But I'm only two assignments behind in my grading, my most recent exam is graded and ready to go, I've created two labs that went really, really well (both were thrown together in the two hour space between my class and the lab, typing really really fast while eating my dining hall lunch) from scratch, and I went to a faculty meeting yesterday and actually spoke out loud and didn't feel like a poser graduate student FOR THE FIRST TIME. The moderator even wrote down an idea I had!

There's lots left to do though: write a final, write a climatology lab, write four climatology lectures, create a review for the final, finish my conference paper, go to Charlie's preschool graduation (OMG), take my students on a camping trip, do thirty-five loads of laundry a week, get ready for vacation bible school, etc. But the kids are watching a movie (or napping), there are cupcakes in the oven and a playground trip planned for the afternoon and I am so glad to have these calm days in between.

And we are having fun, so much fun. The night before Easter will long be one of my favorite memories. We got the kids to sleep in the hotel around ten, then Ryan and I both conked out long before we felt "safe" making the Easter Bunny happen. At 1 AM I woke up to a rustling sound and found Ryan sitting in the (dry) hotel bathtub filling Easter eggs with candy. After I helped him finish them up we loaded them into a pillowcase (grocery store bag was too noisy) and we stealthily "hid" eggs all over the dark hotel room while the kids slept. SO MUCH FUN.

As an afterthought I stuck one egg on the back of the potty and the next morning when Charlie woke up and went to go potty he came RUNNING back out yelling "MOM! The EASTER BUNNY CAME! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME! THERE'S AN EGG ON THE POTTY!!!!" Both big boys found their baskets quickly and went about finding every single egg in the room in about five minutes. Then they dove into the candy for a few minutes until we were able to convince them to go eat some real breakfast in the hotel.

I love the busyness and the chaos and the professional challenges. Pretty much everything but the laundry. And there are only three weeks left in the semester WOO HOOOOO!


Sarah said...

We had hotel Easter a couple of years ago-- so fun! Harry and I are not done with school until June 11 (I am teaching the first 3-week summer session, and his school just gets out late), but Ben and Jack are done mid-May. Fun times ahead!

Steph said...

Just reading about your life makes me tired. I don't know how you do it! Glad you're loving it. :)

Phoenix Rising said...

I love your crazy life!

Jessica said...

Modern Family hasn't been ON in three weeks. Last night's was the first episode in a month. I may be a little annoyed about this.

Just reading your list of things to do makes me feel tired!