Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shoo fly

You guys do NOT want to know what I found in my living room. But I am going to tell you anyway.

It's fruit fly season here. They are disgusting, but inevitable. You can keep their numbers down by promptly taking overripe fruit outside and cleaning up the kids plates quickly. I know this is what it takes to not have hundreds of little black bugs flying around all the time, but it doesn't always happen. Still, I do my best.

They were even at the grocery store the other day, which was somehow even more disgusting than having them at my house, but at the same time I felt a little better that the professionals were struggling too.

Anyway, back to my living room.

I've been seeing fruit flies in there, many miles away in fruit fly distance from the kitchen, where they like to feast on my kids' leftovers. But sure enough, there were always five or six of them hovering around these chairs we have. Super gross, but I sniffed around and couldn't find anything. I made a mental note to get a bug zapper one of these days, but sort of figured there was nothing I could do about it.

I'm not sure when I started noticing them, maybe two or three weeks ago? Who really knows.

But today when the kids pulled one of the cushions off one of those chairs to build a fort I saw it.

A black smear down the back of the chair, behind where the cushion was.

And half a banana jammed down into the spot where the back meets the seat. At least it was a banana several weeks ago before it underwent liquification.

And all around it was the freaking Rome of fruit fly civilizations.

I gagged so hard.

And exclaimed in a loud voice "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!"

The kids were fascinated with it. Until I (very bravely) used a plastic bag as a glove to get it out of there and throw it in the trash. Unfortunately, those little freaks are FAST and I only got one or two in the bag.

If you need me, I'll be at Home Depot buying a bug light so big it requires a five day waiting period.


Steph said...

Our city is currently overrun by giant moths. We kill ~5/day in the house, and they are everywhere outside. Stupid global climate change causing winters too mild to kill anything. I feel like I might need to smear lamb's blood on my doorframe next.

Erica said...

This makes me feel a LOT BETTER, as I recently hosted a playdate and thought for sure no one would ever return to my house due to the rampaging army of fruit flies guarding the snacks.

WhitMc said...

Omg, my head is tingly, and I am so glad you posted this because now I feel so much better, although without the humidity we don't end up with entire colonies, but I can't say I have not come across some errant food shoved in/behind/under the couch for who knows how long.

Alyssa said...


Laura said...

My husband works in a lab next to a fruit fly lab and was getting really tired of flies buzzing around his head while he genotyped. The solution? One of his labmates raises carnivorous plants! The fruit flies have met their match. I'm now jealous and want a pot of the plants for home. Insect Lore has a cool looking kit.

Jennifer Seibel said...

we're experiencing an infestation over here, also. I've also got the large non-fruit type that flew in when I was opening and closing the back door to grill, do dishes, clean the house, attempt to carry on a conversation, etc., etc., etc.

Sarah said...

I am dreading fruit fly season. I have a pretty bowl of bananas on my counter and a huge basket of oranges on my table-- they'll be overrun!

Phoenix Rising said...

Gross! A couple years ago they were REALLY bad at the office in which I work. Well, not MY office, but the main part of the building where I have to walk through to get to the important other offices. And bathrooms. Anyway, tons of fruit flies. TONS. I was like, People! This is not normal! We must band together and find the source! and they all looked at me like that sounded like way too much work and they'd rather just go back to squishing the suckers when they got too close to their computer screens. So I looked. And looked. And looked. And then I took out a ladder and looked on top of the super tall filing cabinets and found a plastic baggie. Filled with Natural Compost. Also called dog shit. I did not know fruit flies hung out by Natural Compost Dog Shit. Nor why there would have been a bag of puppy poop left on top of the filing cabinets. Nor why it didn't reek of animal bowel movements. My life can be complex.

Kyla said...


We had flies a year or so back and we could not figure out where from. It was potatoes. Liquifying. Gag.

We used fly paper to collect the extras, but if it ever happens again I'm getting one of those handheld electric fly zappers.

Nora said...

OK, Phoenix Rising wins.
We have ongoing fruit fly problems in summer. I'll blog a picture of our canning jar solution.

I'm a little surprised your banana city didn't get to maggot stage. Pleased for you, but surprised. You are in that big hot state, after all.