Friday, April 13, 2012


Charlie smuggled his real shark jaw to school in his backpack today. Just before it was time to leave he ran upstairs with his backpack and then came down and jumped in the car. When I picked up his backpack at school I said "Wow, this is heavy! What's in here?" And he told me "My seashell collection for show and tell." We hung his backpack up on the hook just like always and I went to school.

When I got back to pick him up his teacher said "GREAT Show and Tell!!!! It's so funny because I was planning to read 'Never Take a Shark to the Dentist' and it was the perfect tie in!!" She was so enthusiastic!

That's when I found the shark mouth in Charlie's backpack and laughed until I cried.

Back in the car I asked "So, Charlie, how did Show and Tell go?"

"GREAT!! Some of the kids ran away when I took it out of my bag!!"

"Oh really?"

"And Jack got a hole in his thumb where he touched one of the teeth even though I told everyone not to touch the teeth!"

"Poor Jack!"

"It's OK, it wasn't a very big hole."

I won't be answering my phone for the next few days.


Sarah said...


Maricris @ SittingAround said...

ha,ha. Great show, Charlie!

GradBaby said...

Your kids are awesome. Just sayin' :)

Phoenix Rising said...

Awesome Show and Tell! (My kids were the ones that brought their ratty stuffed animals.)

Erica said...

There are a lot of days when I'm thankful that Anna won't give me an accurate summary of her morning at school.