Monday, April 16, 2012

Field Trip

I spent my weekend on a campout with five girls from my Earth Science class.


We were really roughing it.


I took this picture of our tent. Four sleeping bags and a Pack and Play, what could be better? The kids slept great, but Ryan and I were awake all night. There was VERY strong wind all night and the tent kept flopping over and hitting me on the face. I asked Ryan a couple of times "Are we safe in here?" I felt a little silly in the morning when the sun was up and the wind was calm again, but the girls told me they were scared too. I kept having half awake dreams about the nocturnal low level jet and how I would have to tell my class about it the next day.


We had tons of fun. And walked up many, many very steep hills.


The kids loved being with all those girls. By the end, Charlie would listen only to them and tuned us out completely.


We paused at the observation deck to take this picture and talk about those sedimentary rocks across the way. They were created by the accumulation of dead marine organisms millions of years ago when Texas was underwater. Then something lifted the whole area (a huge earthquake is what I've heard) up and created the Texas Hill Country. That event caused the formerly horizontal sedimentary rock beds to fracture and tilt to the configuration we see today. The river then eroded down through the rock so we can see the pretty layers.

In Charlie, this process is described as "THOSE ROCKS ARE MADE OUT OF DEAD CLAMS!!"

Right after we all hiked down the hill/stairs/cliff to the river bottom, the sky became really ominous (yes, even more ominous than in this picture, which is hard to believe). People were passing us on the stairs telling us to get out because a storm was coming. The students, who were all standing on that big white rock in the middle of the river, came running back onto the sand yelling "Cold wind! Cold wind!" It was a cold front! First the wind changed from warm, humid, and southeasterly to cold and northerly. The temperature dropped from 75 to 55 in a matter of minutes. Then the rain began. It was spectacular.


And then we walked up another huge hill. This time in spitting rain, so it was more like running. The really heavy rain started the second we got everyone to the car.

We scrapped our picnic plans and headed to Sonic, then back to school. The students, both college and preschool, all fell asleep in the car. I can't wait to go back when we have more time!

And, oh yes, there were Smores.



BeeBeeZfa said...

Ahhh how cool are you! That looks like so much fun (the smores especially ;)).

Sarah said...

That looks awesome! What a fun class!

Erica said...

I come for the funny/harrowing children stories, I stay for the informative depiction of how the Texas Hill Country was formed.

Leigh said...

Where were you? Those views are amazing!

Nora said...

So cool, and bonus that you got exciting weather (except for that no sleep part).
I would love a class with camping field trips!