Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bitter - Sweet

We had a truly awful afternoon.

The rest of the day was pretty good, but this afternoon at the pool Wes defiantly ran away from me because he wanted to go in the big pool instead of the baby pool. I walked as quickly as I could on the wet concrete with James on my hip, calling him back. "Wes! NO! STOP. GET BACK HERE. WES. NO!! STOP STOP STOP STOP!!" But he kept going. Soon he was headed down the steps into the water. I was close behind but still on the pool deck when he stepped off the last step and into the four foot deep section. Time stood still as I made my way down the steps and out to the deep part where he was standing on the bottom, his head six inches below the surface. The life guard had jumped out of his chair and was right behind me. It was probably ten seconds, but it seemed like an hour. I scooped him out of the water with one arm and hauled him and James back up the steps and over to our chair where I released all that fear and frustration by yelling at a saturated, shaking three year old child who was screaming on a pool chair.

Eventually I calmed down and gave him a towel and a hug. But I was still pissed.

And then he refused to walk to the car and I had to carry two children, three towels, one pair of crocs, and a fully-loaded pool bag. Plus my towel, which refused to stay wrapped around my waist. It was a classy look.

On the way home Charlie would. not. stop. picking. on. Wes. It's like he had to make sure Wes was really OK by repeatedly whipping him with his own lovey, trying to steal his banana, and roaring at him.

We were almost to my house when Wes shrieked in pain. From the movement I saw in the rearview mirror I knew Charlie had done something. So I whipped the car over to the side of the road and turned around to look at Charlie.

"You keep your hands to yourself" I said.

"It was my feet that did it" he replied.

I turned back around and evaluated my options. It was time to call Ryan. I called Ryan and I started sobbing uncontrollably in the parked car on the side of the road two blocks from my house. The pool accident was terrifying. I was still shaking. There was an hour and a half left until Ryan would be home. I did not know what I was going to do.

He told me he'd be home half an hour early and he would bring me some dinner. Charlie disappeared upstairs when we got home. I plunked Wes down at the table and chatted on the phone with my dad as I warmed up leftover pizza and handed out fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When I called Charlie down for dinner he ran past the top of the stairs and into my bedroom as he called "I'll be right there!" Then he came down and ate dinner and we all watched Toy Story and it was peaceful again. Ryan came home not long after that and put them all to bed.

When I moved the throw pillows off my bed tonight as I got ready to go to sleep, I found this card that Charlie had made me and stuck under my pillow right before dinner.

To Mom

IMG_2099 I love my Mom Charlie "My Mom" in a heart


Unknown said...

I've got tears.

CP said...

Seriously!!! At the end of the post, I was expecting you to find something horrid under your pillow like a dead mouse or poop smears (that's as far as my imagination goes). The card made me tear up a little too- that's so sweet. Boys are the best!

Dr. Maureen said...

I definitely got choked up. The sweetie pie. Well, the stinker-sweetie pie. But see, this is why I cannot handle large bodies of water on my own with three. I'm impressed you have the mental stamina to do so. (Although... do you anymore?)

Sarah said...

ADORABLE card-- he's the sweetest little guy!

Erica said...

I was more emotionally invested in this story than anything I've seen on TV in months.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my mom so many of those as a child. I was horrible sometimes. Its good to know it made her feel better. Such a great story.

Anonymous said...

Tears welled up in my eyes. Charlie always has been a sensitive guy. He DOES love his Mom!!!

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

Aww, Charlie is so sweet! :-)

Bridget McCarthy said...

Why am I CRYING?????!!!! My kids do swim lessons, swim team (obviously the older ones) and still - I rarely, RARELY ever take them to a pool or the lake. (And, uh, we live in a lake community with too many beaches to mention.) Why? Because my brother almost drowned and I can. not. get that out of my head. (It may be because I was the one who caused the near death, leaving me to feel incredibly guilty and incredibly unable and unqualified in water rescue situations.) I wish I wasn't so nervous. BIG HUGS to you. You're probably still shaken up. But, as cliche as it sounds - these things happen. And you handled it well. (Yes, ALL of it.) And Ryan - once again - AMAZING support!!

WhitMc said...

OK, this one made me cry. The fear, the frustration, and then the total sweetness. Too much.