Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yes, Tuesday was rough.

So it's 10:30 and I've just finished forcing my brain to figure out when to give the seniors their final since their grades have to be in before the scheduled final exam date. It doesn't sound that complicated but it required several different academic calenders, my syllabus, many personal requests, and a careful weighing of what material I felt like skipping in order to accommodate their needs. That last one was the fun part, because who doesn't love a university sanctioned reason to phone in the last week of the semester?

Today went as well as I expected it to. We got Charlie signed up for camp successfully, but after going the wrong way through the parking lot and parking semi-illegally in the street, I lugged everyone into the elementary school only to realize that I'd only brought two of the three missing documents from Charlie's kindergarten registration. Sigh. Birth certificate, you haunt me for another day!

We also had very loud public fights in:
  • The grocery store
  • The YMCA parking lot
  • The t-ball field
  • The basketball gym at the Community Center, and
  • Sonic
 So that was fun.  James had a terrible day and refused to eat almost anything besides the two bananas he had for breakfast.  Also, he is too good for sippy cups now and prefers that you pour a centimeter of milk in a normal cup sixty-five times during dinner so that he can drink it like a big boy without drowning himself.  He has a raging diaper rash which, honestly, would make me extremely cranky too.  Between what must be incredible hunger and a very sore bottom, he sounds and looks really pitiful.  But the moodiness was exhausting.

Also exhausting was the fifty-yard dash I completed today during t-ball when I couldn't find Charlie on the playground during Wes's team's practice (Wes was not participating because "My feeeeelings are tiiiiiireeedddd."  See loud public fight, above) (Both kids' practices are on Tuesday nights, which meant I had to occupy Screamy McRasherson at the ballfield for two hours this evening. My friend's seven-year-old daughter took care of him for the first hour and I am thinking of adopting her).  I carried screamy-James and pissed off-Wes (sixty pounds total!!) the whole way to the boys' bathroom to see if he was in there (he was! So responsible, and also, TELL ME WHEN YOU ARE LEAVING THE PLAYGROUND) then carried them both part of the way back to the field to wave off the search party that had formed spontaneously.  Made those twenty-five leisurely minutes I spent on the elliptical this morning seem like a walk in the park, which it kind of was actually.  Got some good CNN watching done.

I've got four different people helping me with the kids tomorrow, my lecture, an exam review, a meeting about my NSF proposal, and a night out at the movies with friends.   And then I am home free.  Come on Thursday!!


Sarah said...

My feelings are tired-- hahahaha!

Poor James-- Harry used o get awful ashes, too-- absolutely not fun.

Hang in there-- you are in the home stretch!

Jennifer Seibel said...

totally jealous of your girls night tonight! On another note, if you want some yummy coffee tomorrow morning, I'm thinking of making a run for some after I drop sara off at school and before mom2mom. Let me know your order. :-)

Kyla said...

One day your youngest child will be 7 and you'll be a tiny bit sad about it. Then someone will write a post like this and you'll remember how relieved you are to have mostly self-sufficient children. LOL! Hang in there.

Snarky Mommy said...

It's kind of like being me -- home alone Monday-Thursday. This is why I need a sister wife.

Brooke said...

I'm totally borrowing Wes's excuse this week... I can't grade/clean/launder/function because "My feelings are tired." Yes!

WhitMc said...

I just got another cup of coffee after reading this.