Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Camp

I'll admit that I was not looking forward to Spring Break. One week with no plans, no babysitters, and no preschool? I was nervous to say the least. In response to my fear of being tied up and left on an anthill by my own children, I decided to plan the heck out of Spring Break. We were going to have FUN whether they wanted to or not. My high school buddy Helen invited us to come out and ride her horse on Monday, which was totally unexpected but also totally AWESOME. My sister took James, I found some ratty shoes for the kids, and we were off.


I don't think any of us was truly prepared for how enormous a horse is. Especially when he is standing next to my thirty-five pound child. The kids thought it was really awesome that he could eat a whole carrot in ten seconds.

Wes was the first to go for a ride. My job was to hang onto the back of his pants for dear life in case he lost his balance.


While Wes rode Bullero, Charlie's job was to take pictures. He got some good ones of the riding, but there are many others. A representative sample:

There are three pictures of this bucket:


Lots like this:


And this:


This one is kind of wistful:


And my personal favorite:


Charlie got to go next. He even learned how to do the reins and tell the horse where to go. Helen told him that he could do it because he was older and stronger than his brother. So that was a highlight of his life. He's been telling everyone that.


The kids each got a nice long ride around the corral and then it was my turn.


It is harder than it looks! I had a great time up there though and learned a lot (even if my execution left something to be desired).

The kids thought it was hilarious that I was riding.


It was such a special treat for all three of us and my sore muscles tell me running through thick mud behind a horse while hanging onto a kid's belt was a good workout. Many, MANY thanks go to my friend Helen! It was wonderful.

Today's Spring Break outing was not as exciting as horseback riding, but we had a really wonderful time at the playground and having lunch out with friends. we also went to the pool this afternoon (which, can I just say how incredibly awesome it is to have TWO independent (in their vests) kids and only ONE who is constantly trying to drown himself? Easiest pool trip EVER. I can now see why people spend hours at the pool whereas before the very thought made me have to lie down and breathe into a paper bag). In between, James and Wes took naps, Charlie drew pictures of horses and stables and corral fences and boys riding horses, and I finished the last tweaks of the first draft of the proposal I'm working on then sent it to the Co-PIs only two (working) days after my self imposed deadline of "sometime before spring break".

Tomorrow's itinerary includes bowling and cupcakes with friends and Thursday we might just have to go berry picking. I don't know what the sitter has planned for them on Friday but *I* will be having a fancy lunch and listening to live bands downtown with the lovely Amy of SnarkyMommy. Then we go on a church retreat for the whole weekend. YAY SO MUCH FAMILY TOGETHERNESS!!


Sarah said...

Little Gym has 3-hour spring break camps morning and afternoon for kids ages 3 and up-- if you need a break from your camp, just saying.

Have fun on Friday-- super jealous :)

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun outing! Love the montage of photos :)

Kyla said...

I love Charlie's photos, especially the self-portraits. Looks like you guys are having fun!

sarah said...

So fantastic! Charlie's got quite the photographer's eye! Have fun w/ Amy!!! Jealous!

Erica said...

Some days I think I would prefer the anthill.

Bridget McCarthy said...

Charlie's photos are AWESOME! As a woman who has spent the past 16 child raising years in the comfort of my office, I would like to say I admire your bravery to take three small children ANYWHERE. Especially to a pool. And around large animals.