Sunday, March 11, 2012


As is the case most Saturdays, it became obvious yesterday around lunchtime that The Children Were Bored and were about to turn on us if we didn't figure something out in a quick hurry. After some quick Googling we decided to head downtown for what was described as an outdoor demonstration of video games with a Lego Pit that was FREE. The only problem was that "outdoors" was forty-nine degrees and raining. Facing bad weather seemed less risky than facing three bored children in a confined space for the rest of the afternoon so we bundled up and got in the car.

When we got there, it appeared that the event organizers were not as hardy as our family. There was no Lego Pit to be found. Ryan and I were so disappointed. The kids were, surprisingly, unphased.

We quickly regrouped and headed to the next best thing for a carload of kids expecting to play with Legos outside, an art gallery!

They had a Dr. Seuss exhibit, which we thought the kids would love since they are big appreciators of Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In the Hat (book AND TV show), but what they liked the most was they way their clompy clompy shoes sounded on the charming wooden floors of the gallery and the way the exhibit was laid out in a twisty turney way that was almost like a maze if you ran fast enough. And they did. And no matter how much Ryan and I tried to instill a little culture in the little monsters, we were done with the exhibit in twenty minutes flat.

I got this cute picture of them by suggesting we visit a nearby bookstore to read some Dr. Seuss books and then head to Whole Foods for a hot chocolate. Saturday was the day Ryan learned that I control the children by bribing them with hot chocolate.


It was really, really wet outside. Perfect hot chocolate weather.


After hot chocolate and books we were a little surprised to realize that all five of us were having a really good time and maybe we should keep doing fun things as long as we were out of the house.

Next stop was the dinosaur museum.

First they had to run up the Rocky steps. Hmm, Wes has not had a coat on in any of these pictures.


When we got inside we were treated to an enormous teradon skeleton hanging from the ceiling. Its wingspan was forty feet! THIS was a museum the kids could get into.

I took this picture of Charlie looking up at the teradon, but doesn't it look like he's balancing that cone on his face?


James got to touch a meteorite.


Then this happened a few minutes later. I don't think its a coincidence. I think he's Superman.


There were some cute, fuzzy animals.




And then, oh dear.


Guess which one was the kids' favorite? Guess.

There was an exhibit that encouraged us to compare our features with those of a chimpanzee. Uncanny, don't you think?


Wes wants to know why he always has to be the less-evolved primate.


And then we went home and this happened. At 5:00. On the one hand, YAY MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! On the other, NO NO NO NO NO THEY HAVE TO GO TO BED IN TWO HOURS! Spoiler alert: They did not go to bed in two hours. They ramped up so hard at 7:00 we drove BACK downtown to hear a band and have a glass of wine (me) and some cookies (them), came home at 9:00, and finally got them to sleep at 9:30. Predictably, we made it to 11:00 church by the skin of our teeth.



Katie said...

That sounds like so much fun! Where is this dinosaur museum?!? We might have to take a trip this week....

Chiconky said...

What an awesome day! You guys rock at Spontaneous Fun!

Jessica said...

I love the picture of the boys with the monkey and human skeletons. So cute.

Kyla said...

Fun times!! I absolutely love the picture of the boys under the umbrella. ♥ And it really does look like Charlie is balancing that cone on his head. SKILLZ! I think James looks like he is touching a very large, invisible meteorite. He's clearly a very skilled mime. :)

Sarah said...

So cute! It cracks me up that you bundled up for 49 degrees. At 49 degrees, we throw our coats away (baby too)

Erica said...

Definitely Superman.