Monday, March 5, 2012


Another banner Monday morning at our house.  Some of the good points were that I managed to overcome the Monday morning "WTH are the kids going to eat for lunch" panic attack and pack them a good mix of PB&J, fresh fruit, string cheese, carrot sticks, and crackers while they bounced around me like crazy, needy little seagulls begging for crackers and completely ignoring the bananas I had already put on the table for them.

The other good point was that I finally got tired of looking at the wonderful but too long JCrew khakis that have been hanging in my closet with the tags on for the last eleven months and decided to do something about it.  I put them on, cuffed them, pinned the cuff, then took a couple of walks back and forth to see if it would be comfortable, then said "screw it", rethreaded the sewing machine with khaki thread, sat down (still not dressed), and hemmed those suckers right then and there.  I should have done it months ago, obviously, but I am wearing them now and couldn't be more pleased with myself.  I've been looking at coworkers and students thinking "Did you hem your pants today?  DIDN'T THINK SO."

And then I went downstairs just as James was throwing up on Ryan's last clean pair of pants and when I went in the laundry room hoping against hope that I was wrong and that there was a clean pair in our so enormous that it now has its own gravitational field laundry pile I discovered that someone had spilled an entire canister of instant oatmeal INTO THE LAUNDRY PILE then carefully put the empty canister back on the shelf so as to avoid detection.

The laundry, it will kill me one of these days.

And then during my class I learned that it was indeed a problem that I fell asleep midway through lecture prep last night and only had eight slides.  Twenty minutes in I was on my last slide and couldn't stretch out my Deepwater Horizon pictures any longer so I told them that they had the rest of the period to work on their projects that are due on Wednesday.  Fortunately that's the kind of screw up that actually makes you more popular among your class.

Now I have extra time to work on my NSF proposal.  Shirking teaching responsibilities so I can spend more time on research?  I'm a REAL professor now!!


Sarah said...

Nice job on the pants-- very productive morning. Also love the description of kids as seagulls. If I didn't pack lunches at night, m mornings would be even more hellish than they already are...

sarah said...

I woulnd't know how to hem a pair of pants if I had to. therefore I am extra impressed.

My kid is a total seagull, too. I love that description.

Rima said...

I never hem my pants. I just wear three inch heels.

Chiconky said...

Rock on with your hemming self! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who has that morning panic of "F! Do we have clean pants in the house?!" I'll admit I sent Eli to school in dirty jeans. Like, spent the day at the park dirty. Klassy.

Kyla said...

I bring pants to my mom if they need fixing of some sort. I am NO seamstress. Good for you! And yes, as a student, I can say I love it when professors slack off!

Brooke said...

It takes me FOREVER to get around to hemming or mending clothes. And then five minutes or less to actually do it. And I feel totally smug and self-congratulatory for days afterwards.

LOL about the oatmeal. Hilarious.

And good for you being a "real" professor. I'm about to come up for air after being buried under piles of student essay. Ready to reclaim some time for my own work!