Thursday, March 8, 2012


Say what you will about working versus staying at home, issues of identity and issues of child development, women's rights, FMLA...'s pretty awesome when your kid says things like "Did you always want to be a mother and a teacher?" and tells his preschool science teacher "My mom is an expert at wind!" and asks, as I'm fitting my old hurricane research team windbreaker over his tiny frame so we can go clear potential flying debris out of the back yard before a thunderstorm "Was this yours when you were a storm chaser?"

(Academomia does not endorse storm chasing by tricycle)

That is pretty cool.


Now I think I'll get started on that literature search before Wild Kratts is over and the baby wakes up.


Chiconky said...

That's pretty awesome. I think storm chaser may be one of the most bad-ass jobs ever.

Paddy said...

I sense a future meteorologist or thrill seeker

Sarah said...


WhitMc said...

That is awesome, I love that he knows what you do and is proud of it. "A mommy and a teacher" priceless.

Kim said...

Love this post.

Lately I have been feeling like I need to cite Wild Kratts in the papers I'm writing!

Candy Masters said...

and I see Charlie can wink! That is soo cool!

Kyla said...

It is awesome when THEY are proud of US, because we are always so busy being proud of them. :)

Yesterday I went on KayTar's field trip with them. During calendar time in the morning, the teacher lets kids raise their hands to share good news with the KayTar raises her hand, stands up, and says "My MOM is here! And she's going with us today!!" I was a total celeb. LOL!

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

Being a mom is already a challenging job. What more of being a mom an a teacher. Well, he must be really proud of you.