Monday, March 26, 2012

Business Trip

Ryan's going out of town for work tomorrow morning so of course I went to the grocery store tonight and stocked up as if I was preparing for a natural disaster instead of three days of solo parenting in my comfortable suburban neighborhood. And solo parenting isn't entirely accurate considering Wednesday the kids will be in preschool/with babysitters for much of the day while I'm at work and in the evening thanks to my monthly girls' night (going to the movies! The one with beer!) and then we have my church's MOM time Thursday morning (Childcare!) and Ryan should be rolling into the driveway just about the same time we get back from that. But Tuesday, man. Tuesday is going to be ROUGH. Except for the ninety-ish minutes I plan on "working out" in the morning at the community center. And the forty-five minutes I can kill by taking a long, leisurely drive to Starbucks afterward.

As I left for the store tonight I asked Ryan what he wanted for dinner. I told him I'd make whatever he wanted, so he could have a nice, healthy meal before eating at Outback Steakhouse twice a day for the next two days; I am a kind and caring wife and also I had absolutely no clue what to make. He thought about it for a moment then replied "Can you get one of those awesome frozen pizzas with the little disks of goat cheese? And maybe some cookies?"

And that is just one of the many ways he is awesome.

As I loaded Pirate's Booty into the cart like I would be using it to build a raft I could float out of my attic on instead of eating it by the handful every time I passed the pantry, I was thinking about how great of a team we are. He totally takes over when he gets home from work. He spent all of Saturday alone with the kids so I could work in my office at school. He truly enjoys being with them and pretends to enjoy loading the dirty diapers into the washer for me and killing bugs for me too. Things make a lot more sense when we are all under one roof, is what I'm saying.

But the trip should be pretty cool--he promised the boys he'd take lots of pictures of the RIVER BARGE he's going on. And then there's the little matter of getting to eat red meat willy nilly without regard to our grocery budget or cholesterol levels. And he'll get a break my semi-daily conniption fits about the volume of laundry we produce, which will be nice.

All the same, I'll be so glad on Thursday when he is back with us.



Anonymous said...

"Things make a lot more sense when we are all under one roof, is what I'm saying."

Best description of a good marriage :) --abby

Sarah said...

AW, Charlie and teeny Charlie-- so cute! Good luck, and it will be Thursday before you know it. And until then, there's pirate booty. (Have you tried the TJ's version? Cheaper AND more delicious)

Brooke said...

I'm totally with Ryan on those frozen pizzas with the goat cheese disks. Mmm. Delish. Best of luck with the solo parenting gig!

Phoenix Rising said...

...what is this about frozen pizza with goat cheese disks? .... I am intrigued ... and now very hungry.

Erica said...

Solo parenting IS a natural disaster.

Kyla said...

Here's hoping you are all surviving today! :)

I have a great husband, too. I always feel bad for other women when they gripe about their husbands...mine cooks dinner and takes over half of the kid work when he gets home and does the dishes and is a cub scout leader...and we have a real partnership! It is awesome and I, too, hate it when he is gone!