Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too much time in front of a computer will do this to you

Ryan took the big boys to church this morning and I stayed home with Sickie McFever. I put him down for a nap the second they left then settled into working on my (INFURIATING) work project (after the usual procrastinating things like making my bed, putting on a bra and changing my shirt, and putting in a load of laundry). If he was allowed to text on his work-provided cell phone, this is what he would be hearing from me.

Miss you, please make Wes go potty before Sunday School.

Hope it's going well... any thoughts on lunch?

Man this spectrum issue is SO FRUSTRATING. Also, we are out of cookies. Problem.

Have I mentioned how much I like the Thai Chicken Salad from Panera? We are out of lunchmeat.

If you see Sandy, please tell her thanks again for the hand-me-downs.


Did you know we are expecting sleet this afternoon? I'll go shopping right when you get home for bananas.

MATLAB IS SO STUPID. *I* AM SO STUPID. A Thai Chicken Salad and a bag of chocolate chip mini-cookies might make me feel smarter.

And a large iced tea.

I'm sorry for acting crazy. I hope the boys are acting nicely for you. Thanks for the work time.


YAY, I got it to work!!!

Crapcakes, the curves are switched. Wrong? Or GROUNDBREAKING. Probably wrong. COOKIES.

Aaaaannnd James is awake. Maybe he can help me figure out what to do.

He didn't have any advice, but he did get snot all over my shoulder.

Am laundering your undies, would like a salad please.

Love you, see you at home.


Sarah said...

Ha! Cookies make everything better. I like that salad, too. Panera is Jack's favorite place on earth.

wombat said...

MATLAB makes me feel stupid, too. And I rage at it. Then I get it to work and I adore it. It's an emotional roller coaster.

AJU5's Mom said...

I hated MatLab at times when I had to use it too - hours for it to run something only to find out the results weren't what they should be. FRUSTRATING! And yes, cookies or other desserts do make everything better!

Kim said...

So funny!! I too have a love/hate relationship with MATLAB. When I am running stuff on a cluster I always name my jobs things like "WhereIsTheBug" or "DestinedToCrash" because, dude, it's the truth!

SnarkyMommy said...

Again, just like your FB status today, I keep reading it as Methlab and I think you're all Breaking Bad down there.

Good luck. I always find I write better at Panera. I think it's the pumpkin muffies, not the cookies, in my case.

Kyla said...

Haha! I bet he's just a little bit glad he can't text from his phone.

Rima said...

Hilarious! Those sound like texts I might write to my husband, except minus all the science. and smart words. and work-related things in general :)

WhitMc said...

I love it! Sadly, that sounds like a lot of texts I send during the day. Now I want a Thai chicken salad. And bananas.

sarah said...

hahahaha!!! I heard a little factoid on the radio yesterday that couples text each other on average 20 times a day. Seems like this post verifies that nicely. LOL

And yes, every time you write MatLab, I see "Methlab" haha! I have no idea what it is, but I hate it for you, because that's how I roll.