Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is how you know the children have won

At the Chick-fil-A drive through next door to the pediatrician's office:

THIS IS NOT A TREAT. We are here because I think you are hungry and that is why you were acting that way at the doctor's office and we are out of lunch stuff at home. THIS IS NOT A TREAT. We are getting nuggets and fries and NO TOYS. DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND ME? THAT WAS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. WE DO NOT LIE DOWN AND SCREAM WHEN WE ARE DISAPPOINTED. TOTALLY--

Eight piece nugget meal with an iced tea, chargrilled chicken wrap, one extra order of fries. Thank you!!!

--UNACCEPTABLE. When we get home, everyone is taking a nap. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?--

Yes, thank you. Out of twenty, please. You have a nice day now!

Now eat your lunch and NOT ANOTHER SOUND.


LL said...

You are truly one of my favorite people.

(I hope that everyone is napping now.)

Sarah said...

Love it! Did they nap??

Bridget McCarthy said...

HA! This post is awesome! As a kid I remember listening to my freak out on us kids and then step out of the car all polite and smiles and I thought, "this woman is CUH-RAZY!" .... and now, as a mother, I do this all. the. time. Lol! So, did you get your silent ride home?

Nora said...

Eavesdropping in my car much? Verbatim.

sarah said...

HAHAHAHA! I love when you post conversations about their behavior "we do not lie down on the floor when we are disappointed!!!" So fantastic!

I hope they napped for you.

Tell me, when they are behaving like maniacs, do you think to yourself, "at least it will make a good blog post,"? Because the worst they behave, the harder I laugh! ;-)

Kyla said...

You make me laugh!!