Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mud Fun

Big times around here. First of all, it rained for TWO DAYS, which is awesome because it never rains here anymore and we really need it. It's also awesome because when it rains we get all kinds of mud and new streams forming all over the place and the kids are now capable of entertaining themselves silly for hours and hours at a time. Case in point.


You can sort of see the stroller in the background of this one. James didn't find this nearly as fun as the big kids. Mostly because he is not so smart about water these days. Ever seen a one year old do the high jump? Naked? Just put James down next to a full bathtub and watch him go!


Wes didn't get the full experience because he was still wearing his church shoes and it was too cold to go barefoot. Unsurprisingly, regular reminders didn't stop him from trying to stick a foot in the water every time we turned around.



This one is brought to you by some unsanctioned jumping from the riverbank to the rock pile/island in the middle. He had to take his pants and shoes off before I let him in the car. (This is before the real muddiness began)


It is an honor for the oldest male child to gather the firewood for the family cookfire.


Ryan took this one before we found the river when they were just doing somersaults down the hill. What makes a somersault even more fun than a somersault? VELOCITY.

Guess how long it took them to fall asleep that night? Less. No less. Even less than that. I ran downstairs to get Smelly and when I returned Wes was already snoring. We call that a win in our house.


Anonymous said...

DH and I high-five each other if we can get our 4-year-old to fall asleep before we come back to his room with his sippy cup of water lol. Looks like lots of fun! Wish it would rain around here sometime...

Brooke said...

VELOCITY. lol. Looks like a good time.

Chiconky said...

This looks like so much fun!

Sarah said...

Wes looks like a handsome little man and not a bay at all! When did that happen?? (Love Charlie's Crocs and socks, BTW-- can't wait for Crocs weather)

WhitMc said...

I love it! We planted flowers yesterday during a brief moment of sunshine and Declyn had a great time in the mud. It was all great fun until she smooshed it in my hair.

sarah said...

Yes! Nothing better than muddy log-carrying and muddy somersaults to tucker them out! That looks like such a good time! I wish it would rain here (we are in scorching drought danger here), so we could go play in some mud. Its my favorite part of spring!

Kyla said...

I sooo love that middle-ish photo of Charlie!!