Sunday, January 15, 2012

With thanks to Ryan, who did everything else with the house and the kids and everything

I spent my whole weekend in this chair:


And yes, most of that time was spent in my jammies. What's your point?

Ryan took this picture when Wes, straight from a bath, figured the only way he was going to get some mama-time was to climb onto my shoulder like a parrot and help me work.

That was not my plan for the weekend, but Saturday afternoon I really hit my stride on this paper I had FORCED myself to work on. And I do mean FORCED. As in forced myself not to ctrl+dlt the whole stupid thing after the most recent round of questions from my coauthor. But it was going really, really well. I worked Saturday night until I found myself typing nonsense with my eyes closed. Embarrassingly, that happened a little after 11:00. I used to be able to push myself until two! And still get up in time for an eight o'clock class!

After a couple more hours this afternoon, and a couple more mugs and glasses on the teetering pile of nervous eating on my desk, I have two-ish chunks left to write up, and I honestly don't think they will be that hard, and then I'll have a draft ready. Considering the fact that I started this paper when Wes was an infant, it's about time.

If I can get this one off, that will only leave the NSF proposal (draft due the week before Spring Break) and the conference paper (April 25) and all the nonsense problems I've been having with that one. Then there's my class. And the lab. And and and. Should be no problem, right?


CP said...

Great job! Writing is SO hard when you are facing scary deadlines (but I remember that the forced motivation of a looming deadline is usually necessary). Hope you can take a breather and grab some you time before you start the next project!

Sarah said...

Woo-hoo! I always stay in my jammies on days like that, too.

Steph said...

Does Ryan give "Father and Supportive Husband" lessons? My maternity leave ends tomorrow, and I fear for my sanity.

Great job being so productive! :)

Kim said...

You can do it!! One thing at a time!!

At least that is what I'm repeating over and over and over to myself since my to-do list for the next few weeks looks like yours! :)

Phoenix Rising said...

Your Ryan is awesome. I stayed in my pajamas and sat in a chair all day, too. But I was just being lazy and nonproductive. In fact, I don't think I used any brain cells. YAY, YOU for using brain cells! Your paper is going to ROCK!

andreaunplugged said...

Glad to hear it's going well. Your husband is clearly a saint. Also even though I am 5 hours away, you are welcome any time. I have no kids and a spare bedroom with an awesome grownup futon (it's got a something-pedic mattress) AND wireless internet. I could also procure appropriate amounts of wine before you arrive. ;-)

sarah said...

Yay for Ryan!!! And yay for you!!!! And yay for being in jammies all weekend long!

Kyla said...

Glad that you had a good chunk of time to work AND that it was coming semi-easily!

KayTar firmly believes life should be jammies mandatory, all other clothing optional.