Wednesday, January 18, 2012


8:30-9:00 - Drive Charlie and Wes to preschool, drop them off, run frantically back to my car with James

9:00-9:45 - Drive to my school, schlep James, the diaper bag, my work bag, my purse, my coffee into my office.  Today I happened to park next to our department chair and he carried my coffee and diaper bag for me.  Wes walked behind us (home sick from school) carrying his backpack and his own hot chocolate.  He looked like a little, three-foot tall, student.

9:45 - Hand James off to Kate (babysitter, not her real name)

10:00-10:50 -  Teach my class

10:50 - 12:00 - Office Hours

12:00 - 1:30 - Eat lunch (takeout from dining hall!!), prepare lab stuff, make copies, work on other research projects, respond to emails

(1:00 My dad picks up Charlie and Wes at preschool, they hang around together, usually at a fast food restaurant that has good coffee and a playground, until 3:00, when they get dropped off at my house with the babysitter)

1:25 - Facilitate transfer of child(ren) between Kate and Kate (both our babysitters have the same name) so Kate I can go to class.  This might mean taking James to the beginning of class occasionally, I'm not sure how it will work out.

1:30 - Lab begins

2:30 (?) - Kate gives the kid(s) back to the other Kate, Kate takes them to my house

4:00 - My lab ends, clean up and take everything back downstairs

5:00 - Arrive at home, sling some food at the kids

5:45 - Ryan arrives, I leave with Charlie for children's choir

Any questions?


CP said...

you are one busy momma!

Kim said...

Wow, what a day!

I'll have some days like that next year, given that kindergarten around here gets out a a different time every day (seriously) and does not overlap well with preschool. Time management win!

Arguably Ambitious said...

Oh, those kind of days kick my ass. I salute you!!!

Bridget McCarthy said...

What happens if one of the kids gets sick?

Sarah said...

I had days like that when J was little. Ugh. They'll go quick!

G'ma Melody said...

Love your blog and the glimpses into your bright and busy lives. Just a heads up -- the pace doesn't change until some time after they leave home, if they do. This warning comes from a 72 year old grandmother (single) raising two (wonderful) grandsons. Check out a typical day in our lives:

sarah said...

Yowza! That is impressive! And thank goodness for Kates!

Rima said...

I don't know how you do it!

Each Day Anew said...

You have my sympathy and my deepest admiration in equal measure.