Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pictures! Because I've been enjoying so! Much! Family! Time!

Well, whoops! It's been five days without a post. You would think that all the stinking quality time we've been spending together would mean I'd have lots to say, but after a while The Crazy just fades into the background and hardly seems noteworthy anymore, you know? Except for one noteworthy thing--after almost two months (was it more? I do not know, but the ped hasn't called in the CDC yet, so it couldn't be more than a month or two) I think we've finally settled James's diaper rash down. You know what did it? CLOTH DIAPERS. I know. Not the plan. But it's the only thing that works and we already have some and whattareyougonnado? He still wears disposables at night. I am not interested in reliving that extremely messy part of Charlie's infancy and it seems to be OK for his preshus little princess-and-the-pea bottom. So there you go.

Pictures! A little bit after Christmas (because without preschool and/or work who can remember what the hell day it is anymore) we went to meet some out of town friends for lunch (This friend, Abby, and her family). There were five boys between us. Charlie was the oldest. It was loud. And lots of fun. The three "older" boys sat together at their own table in what can only be described as Lord of the Flies meets Peter Pan meets Transfats. Ketchup was sucked up with straws, is what I'm saying.

Captain Hook insisted on wearing that grubby bandaid for three days. Battles, you have to pick them.

On the other side of the aisle, at the adult table, we have the two good boys, who sat nicely in their chairs and ate their lunches without (much) complaining. James's shirt was grunge-i-fied by the large cup of lukewarm coffee he dumped all over himself in the play area, but I think he's eyeing Travis's bib like "Man, if I had one of those I wouldn't smell like a barista on a bender right now."


On New Year's Eve Eve Ryan and I went to the symphony to hear a concert of all John Williams' music. It was exceptional. There was a heavy "Star Wars" theme and I was too chicken to go up to the real live Stormtroopers, so this is what you get. IMG_1777

The orchestra opened with this and it was so enjoyable. The crowd cheered when the conductor came back for the encore and cheered louder when an image of Superman came onto the screen. SO fun. A wonderful show and a wonderful night away from The Crazy.

And finally, we finally got around to having a first birthday party for James on New Year's Eve morning! His cake was covered with yummy blueberries! We had family over! I made four pizzas! It was lovely.


James approves of cake. And pizza and family passing him around.


New Year's Eve was interesting because Charlie crashed into the space shuttle at full speed with his celebratory noisemaker in his mouth and started bleeding. His lip turned out to be fine, but it started an hour-long tantrum that was TOTALLY out of character for him. I finally figured out he hadn't eaten anything but birthday cake all day and force fed him a PB&J and the evening was salvaged. Yay blood sugar! Fettucine Alfredo, champagne, and apple turnovers followed and then the kids put on their jammies and went for a walk to look at fireworks while James went to bed. I celebrated by taking some Tylenol Cold and going to bed at 9:30 after a couple of episodes of House Hunters. ROCK ON.


Sarah said...

James is adorable, and I seriously cannot believe Wes is one of the big boys! How can that be? Tell me more about the pizzas- did you use your bread machine for the dough? A local grocery store has bags of pizza dough at the bakery (no processed ingredients), and I wonder if I should just buy that instead of making my own. Was it hard?

Rima said...

Happy New Year, Becca! Sounds like some pretty wonderful Crazy you had going on there.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I had been down there to contribute one more high chair boy!!

Kyla said...

Glad to hear you guys have been busy having fun...with a side of crazy, of course!

sarah said...

omg, how cute is James?! Your line about LOTF meets Peter Pan meets Transfats made me snort out loud right in the middle of Starbucks. So thanks for that. ;-)