Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a Virus

I think everyone is finally on the mend after the first big cold of the season swept through the house. We all got it, but I think this guy got hit the hardest.


He can't help but smile when he sees the camera, but don't let it fool you. He was miserable. Prolific drooling, a hacking cough, and fussiness with a capital EFF. OMG. I have a constant twinge in whatever it is that connects my arm to my shoulder from the neverending holding. I've stirred spaghetti sauce holding a baby, chopped broccoli holding a baby, folded laundry holding a baby, and gone to the bathroom with a whimpering ball of misery sitting on the bathroom floor. I don't mind too much, though, because this guy is a SNUGGLER. All he wants is to be held and then he buries his face in your shoulder. It makes him all the more pitiful.

He woke up at 5:30 this morning, screamed his way through breakfast, then fell asleep in the car on the way to church. This is good, because he hasn't been napping either and I was beginning to think he'd forgotten how. It's been really special hanging out with everyone for twelve straight hours every day this week too. Special, special bonding time. I think we were both happy for the break on Friday when I went to school, considering he spent the two hours in a dorm room surrounded by the entourage of college women he attracts whenever he goes to campus.

Anyway, when we picked him up from the nursery today after church this is what we found. They put him down after a diaper change and he rolled over and went to sleep. He stayed asleep all the way to the car, went back to sleep after getting buckled in, and slept for two hours at home.


Then he fussed and refused to eat all afternoon until his incredibly perceptive parents finally gave him a nip of Motrin and he turned in to MISTER! HAPPY! BABY! Until dinner when he imploded again. Ryan gave him a forty-five minute bath so we wouldn't have to put him to bed before six.

Apparently, it wore them both out. Judging by all the sleeping, he should be good as new tomorrow.


In other-kid news. I naively took everyone to see some military aircraft the other day in an outing that shall henceforth be known as "IS THAT A GUN? IS THAT HOW THEY SHOOT THE BAD GUYS? WHERE DO THE BAD GUYS LIVE? AND WHAT DO THEY DO WITH THE BAD GUYS ONCE THEY GET THEM?" And also, "The time we asked that uniformed soldier where the potty was."



Sarah said...

Oh, poor sick smiley baby--hes adorable. Cute kid pics all around and hope everyone feels good as new tomorrow.

Kim said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Also, the asking of a uniformed soldier for the potty -- hahahaha! Too funny!

sarah said...

a baby who will smile for the camera even when he's sick?! Priceless!!! Hope he's feeling better.

Phoenix Rising said...

We're doing the cold/plague thing right now and I cannot WAIT until this "just a virus" goes away. Here's to having everyone in your home healthy SOON!

Oh my goodness - that sleeping picture makes my heart melt!

Alyssa said...

We had a very similar experience this weekend (well, minus the big planes and guns). Hope everyone is feeling better!

Erica said...

I can't even get mine to smile for the camera when she's healthy, so this is very impressive.

Lemonpuss said...

I just don't know how they keep growing with no sleep.

The picture of the baby on the floor at church, sleeping, is amazing. I often wish that I had someone to tote me home if I collapsed. :)