Thursday, December 1, 2011

Special Yuletide Memories!

This morning at my church's mom group my friend was in the middle of sharing a great thought about family and traditions and making your home a sanctuary for your family when I involuntarily snorted from the effort of holding in the giggles as I thought about this picture:


In a nod to making our own traditions we made the assembling of the artificial, pre-lit tree as special as possible. Ryan was joking around and picked Wes up, along with the huge bushy mass of fake evergreen, so he could do the ceremonial putting on of the top third of the tree. "Come here, Tiny Tim!" he exclaimed as I stood ready with the camera. Wes started yelling "YOU'RE HURTING ME! OW OW OW, THE TREE IS HURTING ME!"

My life, it is an episode of "The Middle". Right down to the overflowing laundry basket on the dining room table.

But the rest of the tree trimming was very memorable and sweet, as we had intended all along. The kids were so thrilled to hang their homemade ornaments.


Wes chose to focus his efforts on the bottom-most row of branches.


Then Ryan plugged it in, accompanied by the Griswold Family Drumroll and the Hallelujah Chorus which serendipitously came on the internet radio at exactly the right moment, and the kids spent a few minutes figuring out if the lights were hot or not by touching every single one and giving us a report. "Red one's hot. Yellow one's hot. Blue one's hot. This red one's hot too."


Then we had eggnog and cookies by tree-light.


And read "This is the Stable" before bed. James wasted no time in removing half the ornaments this morning after breakfast. It's a good thing they're made of flour!


SnarkyMommy said...

He clearly put them that low in the spirit of brotherly love.

Kim said...

Dough ornaments are a brilliant idea! I have yet to put any ornaments on the bottom half of our tree, though I think I'll try this year (whenever we get around to buying the tree).

Love the Griswold theme music -- I can't wait until the kids are old enough to "get" that movie!

Kyla said...

My kids, being the sizes that they are, put the first twenty or so ornaments SMACK DAB in the middle front of the 3 per tiny, weak, artificial limb. I was like, "Guys, look up. Now look down. And see the other sides of the tree? Let's spread the love." If I hadn't have stopped them, I'm pretty sure they would have found away to get EVERY ornament in the middle sixth of the tree. I'm definitely not the type-A "You kids go find your OWN tree to decorate, this is Mama's fancy tree!" mom, but I just ask that we make it an semi-evenly spread out jumble of joyful Christmas mess.

I love "The Middle". It makes me feel NORMAL. LOL.

Hillary said...

I'm super impressed by all your dough ornaments. I'm thinking we might need to do that this year. I don't have a crawling baby, but I do have The Beast and the puppy.

Sarah said...

So pretty! Love the dough ornaments. I cannot wait to get our tree this weekedn!

Anonymous said...

My mom made dough ornaments with us growing up. There are a few good ones and some that are so ugly you can't bear to throw them away.

WhitMc said...

(a) I love your tree, freaking adorable.

(b) re SF: email me! whitneyeileen (at)