Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toys Go Out

I organize my pictures with a folder for each month. Within each month, I put all the picture from special events in their own folder. So what you get is a couple of folders labeled "Birthday Party" or "Pumpkins" surrounded by a bunch of random pictures of the kids at home doing things with no pants on. As I made the folder for "Halloween" last night I noticed that October has FIVE FOLDERS. Suddenly it makes sense that the house is a disaster and the laundry has reached epic proportions (EPIC. Also, I am currently drying my first load for the THIRD TIME. It is possible our dryer is out to lunch which makes me want to cry because that would leave us with the options of: Little House on the Prairie hanging clothes all over the yard or finding magical fairy money hidden under a mushroom in our yard to buy a new one, who am I kidding, Ryan can probably fix it, and if not he can probably make it work again if I promise to never, ever touch *that* button again (like the washer)).

So October has been lots of fun, but also quite overwhelming. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of nothing special. After Charlie's birthday, of course, which is tomorrow (HOLY COW).

But last night was lots of fun!

My dad joined us for a fun dinner of "monster mac" (mac and cheese with brocoli puree stirred into the cheese sauce to make it green, Wes ate a ton which made me laugh because he refuses to eat broccoli under normal conditions) and mummy hot dogs.  Then Ryan came home and joined us and after some spider cupcakes it was time to put on our costumes!  How about Wes, could you not eat him with a spoon? (Charlie wore a stormtroopers costume from a thrift store as the base for his Buzz costume)


They trick or treated at the neighbor's house for so long it got dark as we stood there.


James wanted to know why he was outside in an itchy costume instead of home in his cozy bed.


Then he got cute again. He was kind of manic.


We hit all the usual houses then James went home to bed and the big kids and I ventured out to the really spooky house with the skeletons crawling out of their graves. Then we went home to argue about how much candy they could have before bed (two pieces).

They're kind of a disaster today, but we had a great time last night. I'm looking forward to a calm month of November, but first I must go find all the M&Ms and hide them in my underwear drawer.


LL said...

You really are one of my favorite people. I love the kids costumes, James (with his manic face) in particular- great job! I wish you the best of luck with the laundry, the calmer month of November, and all the m&ms I hope are stashed in your underwear drawer :)

LL said...

(Also, since your November and my November are both promising to be calmer - a promise I am holding November to - let me know if you want to meet up one Saturday at your awesome breakfast taco/playground place or mozarts for cinnamon rolls and duck feeding. You are welcome to take the whole month off from any such "social" engagements, but I'm generally free every weekend!)

Sarah said...

I let my kids eat until they got bored last night and had my brother come over to rough house with them until they passed out. I am sure today's after school meltdown ill be EPIC.

Alyssa said...

LOL! Your posts always bring a smile to my face. Those pictures of James are priceless.

Kyla said...

They are so cute in their costumes! :)

Jennifer said...

You forgot the option of washing all laundry at home and taking it to the laundromat to dry. Leave the kids home with Ryan, take your wet laundry, the reading you need to catch up on, the quarters from the ashtray (or whatever they call that storage space in the car now), and maybe even a glass of wine disguised in the free water bottle you got from work and go to the laundromat.

You might find that the smell of warm laundry helps your reading. Use a bunch of machines and your laundry will be dry in 30 minutes (trust me) and no one needs to know that--you could pretend it took 2 hours. You might actually get some of your work done. (Not that I'm speaking from experience--but the hum of the machines can make one quite productive--and the people watching is priceless.)

Hillary said...

I think Jennifer's laundromat idea is brilliant.

I also am looking forward to a quiet November.

Katie said...

You also forgot the option of taking your wet laundry to my house, 5 minutes away! And then we can have coffee and girl talk. Or we can just opt to yell at the kids, whatever. ;-) OR if we give them all very chewy taffy, then chances are they'll be too preoccupied to talk!

Lindsay said...

I completely could eat Wes with a spoon! Terrific costumes!

Kat said...

Ok so when you find that magic mushoom send me a piece so I can try to grow one in my yard. I could use some serious magical fairy money!!

sarah said...

their costumes area fantastic! I love that manic picture of James! That's the one I *thought* I was commenting on on FB on Halloween night. Crazy FB.