Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's been a busy morning

Things I did before 6:00 this morning:

-Laid in my warm, cozy bed willfully ignoring the crying.  Go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep.

-Stumbled (freezing and half asleep) into James's room, crawled under the crib, found a paci, jammed it in his mouth, stumbled back to bed, kicking the thermostat up a couple of degrees on the way because maybe he was just cold?  And also, white noise so he doesn't wake up the others.

-Laid in my warm, cozy bed willfully ignoring the crying.

-Found pajama pants in the dark, found glasses, scooped baby out of crib, picked my way downstairs to find a diaper, changed a poop diaper in my bed, returned baby to crib, closed door to the sound of re-invigorated screaming.

-Laid in my warm, cozy bed willfully ignoring the crying.

-Heard the crying settle down, then a loud POP!  Then more screaming.

-Ran down the hall in the dark with no pants on, burst into the room to confirm my fears.  Yep, James broke the #@$@$ crib.  Again.

-Try to settle James in my bed.  Realize he finds the alarm clock way too fascinating to go back to sleep.  Curse stomach bug for drying up the "sleep cannons".  No cuddling up with a bottle at 5:00 AM.  BOO.

-Return to James's room, fix crib, put him back in with paci and blanket.  Nighty night!

-Visit bathroom on the way back to bed.  Am just finishing up when I hear "POP!" followed by screaming.  Fantastic, crib is now officially $#%#ed.  Mentally add "beg friends to transition their toddlers to beds" to to-do list.

-Scoop James out of $#@$ #@$ %#@$@ crib.  Take him back to bed.  Give up after nonstop wiggling and fussing.

-Make coffee.  OK one more scoop.  And a little more water.  And maybe one more scoop.

-Rip up a piece of bread, arrange on high chair tray.

-Go to the 42 degree porch to disassemble the Pack and Play.  Barefoot.  In my jammies.

-Carry Pack and Play back inside and up to James's room, reassemble.  Side-eye the $%#^ crib on the way back downstairs.

-Feed James oatmeal.


-Return to coffeemaker, find the big mug.  Almost overflow it.


Sarah said...

Oh no! Your day can only get better, right?

Elsha said...

Definitely not the most fun way to start the day.

SnarkyMommy said...

If you lived here I would give you our extra crib!!!!

Kyla said...

Ack! Hate mornings like that. I *know* that it would be easier and more pleasant if I could just give up on sleep/start drinking coffee the first time I'm woken up...but I just can't let go of that dream sometimes!

sarah said...

gah!!!! No es bueno! I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

oh man, that's a rough morning. Wishing you lots of coffee and chocolate and sleep.