Sunday, November 27, 2011

Face kick

Someday when Charlie is all grown up, and hopefully sitting awkwardly on the couch in our retirement cottage on the New England coast with a girl he really, really likes I'm going to break the ice by saying "Remember when you were five and you kicked Wes in the face during Hanging of the Greens at church?"

I mean, right there in the middle of all that winter stillness and anticipation of light in the darkness, WHAM! Size 1 sneaker RIGHT to the forehead.

There was screaming, as you might imagine, and then I told Charlie he couldn't have dessert, which Ryan said was the BEST punishment EVER. And it really was because after they light up the Chrismon trees and we sing Joy to the World we adjourn to the Fellowship Hall for dessert fellowship in the form of eight large tables covered from end to end in cookies and pie and brownies and candy (we made gingerbread men).  (And also I told Charlie that he would lose cookies if he didn't stop picking on Wes, long before the face kicking incident.  There were lots of foreshocks on both sides in the form of pinching, poking, sneering, and golf-pencil stealing)

He managed to join us up front when we hung ornaments on the tree together, but pouted with great vigor for the rest of the evening.  He sat, slumped in a folding chair while the rest of us ate cookies.

It was pitiful.  But not as pitiful as the giant red bruise on Wes's left temple.

Want another brownie, Wes?  Here, have two!

Also behaved poorly during Hanging of the Greens. We took turns holding him in the back.


Hillary said...

Your scarf is so pretty. At least you looked lovely while you're children we're being ... children.

Elsha said...

Having siblings just gives kids the best stories. Ah, good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you didn't immediately leave church to go buy the big bottle of wine.

SnarkyMommy said...

Haircut? Your hair looks FAB!

Love the no-dessert punishment. We mete that out quite often.

WhitMc said...

To this day, my parents make my sister and I sit apart during church because we still can't behave. It usually comes in the form of laughing through the hymns, however, not face kicks.

Sarah said...

Love your hair!

Also love the image of Charlie and his girlfriend-- can you believe they'll all be that big someday?

Kyla said...

The most shocking part of this story is that Charlie wears a size 1 sneaker! KayTar (at 6) is just growing into a toddlers 10 and BubTar (at 9) just moved into a 2!

Ahh, sibling love during the holidays. So refreshing. ;)

LL said...

This cracks me up. Good call on the no dessert and I can just picture Charlie sulking in a chair (because my beloved eldest child has received the exact some punishment and reacted the exact same way - JP and I just kept trying not to laugh at his face because it seemed cruel to laugh at his pain, but oh it was funny - the indignation! the crossed arms! the pouted lip! I should have taken a picture). Happy Holidays to you all!

Phoenix Rising said...

I'd be the lady in church laughing my ass off if I had seen that! I pay extra close attention when the kids are involved because you always know there's at least one kid that will make it entertaining! (And then I feel really bad that I need to go give the mom of that kid a big hug and a gift card to Discount Liquor. They have a drive thru.)