Friday, October 28, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

I spent most of yesterday managing Charlie's expectations for a homemade Buzz Lightyear costume that was to include (his list, not mine) a working laser, wings that fly, and a button that you could push to make it say "To Infinity and Beyond."  Naturally he thought Ryan would be able to figure it out, both because Ryan really does make magic happen sometimes and also because my standard method of stalling on hard things during the day is to tell them that maybe Papa can do it when he gets home.  I am singlehandedly setting the women's movement back three decades.

Well, sweetie, I don't know if I can make retractable wings by tomorrow morning.  We might just have to pretend.  That's what makes Halloween so much fun!

No, baby, you won't be able to actually fly when you are wearing your costume. Please promise me you won't try.  Do you understand?  I need you to promise.  Because people can only fly in airplanes.  I know you're disappointed but you have to promise me you're not going to jump off the swing set and try to fly.


And then, about ten seconds later, he had found a pattern online which would enable him to make RETRACTABLE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR WINGS.


So last night we spent three hours watching the Texas Rangers play in the World Series Game Six and making Charlie's Halloween costume.

In between bouts of swearing at the TV we colored and cut and glued and pinned and hot glued and Googled.  We hid the whole thing under the bed so Ryan could bring Charlie in to watch the Moon Landing the last inning of the game with him then got it back out again after it became clear the game was far from over and Charlie wasn't going to wake up enough to enjoy it anyway.

Finally, around 12:30, the game was over, Ryan was sitting on the floor with his head in his hands, and the costume was done.

The wings open and close.  Ryan is magical.


Charlie was beside himself.  When he walked in with his class for the Halloween parade he was flapping his wings with each step.  Everyone who made eye contact got a "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" as he pushed the blue button.  Wes told everyone "I Woody and he Buzz!"

It doesn't matter than he can't actually fly, he IS Buzz, he DOES have a laser, and he CAN talk just like the real toy.

Now to keep him away from the swingset...


Brooke said...

Your husband is awesome. Can we somehow get some photos of those wings in action?

And I have to say, that ballgame had a much happier ending at my house. Sorry, Texas!

Elsha said...

I totally tell Kalena that daddy will have to "fix it" when he gets home when i don't want to replace the batteries in toys.

Darling costumes, by the way!

Anonymous said...

So he fixed the Neon and made a halloween costume in the same night? That dude is a genious.

Anonymous said...

Or a genius...which I am clearly not. :)

-R- said...

This is making me feel bad about my own children's costumes, so I am going to pretend I never read it.

Candy Masters said...

you and Ryan amaze me!! Sooo impressed with the great results and yay for the internet.

I also LOVE the Cake Table of the Elements. That must have been such a cool project to take part in.

Kyla said...

You guys are awesome overachievers. :)

WhitMc said...

Oh wow, I am so impressed. We need to get your husband and my husband together and see what they can do...although you and I might want to duck out for pedicures and/or wine so we don't have to witness the necessary trial and error process.

sarah said...

oh my gracious, your husband is awesome. Sorry the Series didn't go his way, but what a guy!