Monday, October 10, 2011

Mama, the strawberry farm has PUMPKINS now!

That's what Charlie exclaimed when we rounded the corner into view of the cute little farm we visit to pick strawberries in the summer. We had a really wonderful and exhausting trip to the pumpkin farm today with our friends.  After six months of being a jerk, our weather was GLORIOUS.  I don't think it got over seventy-five degrees all day and it was overcast and just perfect for a day at the pumpkin patch.

And also, how could you not have fun with this van-load of adorable (James was there, you can just see his foot)?  It was loud and wonderful.  You know what happens when you put two four-year-old boys in a confined space for a couple of hours?  You hear a lot of raucous laughter and things like "I'M GOING TO HAVE ICE CREAM WITH POOP SAUCE AND UNDERPANTS!!"


The kids in the middle were much calmer, probably because we plied them with food brought by my thoughtful friend who also made us each a cup of coffee for the ride.

The first thing we did was climb all over this trailer of pumpkins and take a lot of pictures before realizing we were capturing the portapotties in the background.  Also there was a scuffle for the tractor.


This is what happened when I told them to get together for a picture (and reframed my shot to not include the portapotties).


And then I finally got them together and suggested Charlie put his hands on Wes's shoulders.  And now smile!  And look at me!  OK whatever!  I have no excuse for what they're wearing.  I thought there would be mud and I was in a hurry and Wes is still wearing his pajama top.  There are three of them, what can I say?


We had a blast in the corn maze.  I underestimated the heart palpitations supervising all those kids in A MAZE would induce, but it really was fun.  And then we found the bell!  And then we got lost again and ran past the bell a second time and Charlie yelled "IT'S THE SECOND BELL!"  I heart him.  Note my friend's appropriately dressed children.  She even had time to make me coffee.  Awe!


There was more drama trying to get a nice picture of everyone that didn't look like a Calvin Klein Eternity commercial.


And then I got this sweet, sweet picture of Baby James...


...and I couldn't help but think that I'd seen that picture somewhere before (hint: this one is Charlie).


Things kind of fell apart after that so we headed for the car and home. We watched TV snuggled up in blankets with the windows open for the rest of the afternoon.


Sarah said...

First of all, when did Wes turn into a kid-- he doesn't look like a baby at all in these pictures!

Second, OMG James looks like Charlie. So adorable!

Third, it was 75 here today, and we had the air on-- love that you snuggled under blankets with the windows open!

Kim said...

I love the Calvin Klein Eternity picture -- ha ha ha!!

Sounds like a lovely day! I am so glad your weather is reasonable now. Hooray for fall!

Alyssa said...

What an awesome outing! I would find it extremely hard to stifle a laugh when hearing the "poop sauce" comment! LOL!

That Eternity ad photo is priceless. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

Kyla said...

Whoa! You cloned one of your babies...leave it to a family of scientists to make it happen! ;)

WhitMc said...

I love it, especially the PJ top. Thank goodness for your friend and the coffee, it sounds like it was welcome. I also love that I am not the only one that comes home from a truly awesome day only to realize that I took 100 photos of the porta-potties.

Rima said...

I'm glad you guys got a cold spell! The pictures are adorable, pajama tops and all. You'll have to photoshop one for Wes!

Bridget McCarthy said...

I totally did not notice what they were wearing. Something about kids in a pumpkin patch --- just sends smiles straight to my heart!